28 February 2016

Blimey where did the last three years go.  So much has changed, so much has happened.  You can see some of what I have been up to over here  cauliflower.co.nz.

15 May 2013


 Down our drive today came trotting two chickens and then two bunnies.  After chasing them home four times just for them to escape again, and shouting over the fence "Rodger your rabbit escaped again".  I just gave up.  Maybe it will be a couple of sheep and a kangaroo tomorrow.

18 March 2013

Mackerel Skies and Stormy Skies

 Mackerel skies a promise of a change in weather.  Rain on the way.
 Stormy skies with a bigger promise of much needed rain. 

13 March 2013

Dry dry dry garden

 It has been so long with out rain the grass in my garden is almost non existant. Just baked hard earth really.
 There are a few flowers that are still surviving the dry heat.  
 Down at the creek in the shade is still green, but the water is just lying there hardly moving at all.
 And looking really, really murky not its usual crystal clear self.
 I had a good scolding from this little fantail while I was down there.  It was swooping around my head and tweeting its head off.

 The plant that is enjoying the conditions best is the leucadendron, it is positively thriving in the heat.

03 March 2013

 This is the view from our bedroom window this weekend, from the bach we were staying in.  Coulter and Coulter were off on the road at the Martinbourgh fair, and I left it to late to book accommodation.  So we ended up in Featherston.  The only house I could find in the whole of the Wairarapa.
 The batch was fantastic, really clean and tidy and relaxing.  Below is the room my son stayed in.
 Fetherston has always been just another town that we have driven through on the way to or from Wellington.  So it was good to get the chance to walk around and explore.  At first it seemed like a really run down town.
 But with some fantastic typical Kiwi buildings.  I so love this type of iconic Railway hotel building.
 I could have spent all day photographing old windows with peeling paint.
 And as for Pizza, almost for a moment Callum was thinking mmmm yum Pizza.  
Then we looked closer through the window and I don't think anyone has been in there for a very, very long time.
So it was great to see that there are some great new cafes and cool shops setting up there.  If you have not stopped in Featherston yet, you should do, it won't take long.

14 February 2013


Beautiful moth that sat on my workroom window all day.


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