30 September 2006

Peter went for a walk yesterday and took these pics of daisies for me.

25 September 2006

Peter spent all day cooking these. It is a year since he started his current job, so his turn to provide morning tea again. The first batch mysteriously disappeared! The second batch were burned! But the third batch were just right and had to be hidden so they would reach his work colleagues.

Do not tell Peter, but they tasted as good as they looked.

24 September 2006

Shadow daisies as the tear in the Ozone layer went past overhead.

23 September 2006

Rock rose and ant from the side of our garage. The petals are so thin and paper like, they look like they need a good iron.

22 September 2006

Bees on a globe thistle in my mum's garden back in the UK.

21 September 2006

Have finished the hall redecoration and have converted the hall from this...........

to this.

The daisies in the garden are starting to get quite tall. My grass cutting man is on holiday in the UK for a month.

19 September 2006

A host of sunny osteospernum daisies.

15 September 2006

Sunflower and feverfew from our old garden. I will have to get round to planting some Sunflower and other seeds here soon.

Tree ferns in the sun.

New leaves at Cornwall Park

14 September 2006

Blossom snow at Kierunga Gardens.

A couple of weeks ago I did a class through the Hawkes Bay Patchworkers with Gail. This is Gail's original quilt and below is my version. It was an excellent relaxed class, I had a great afternoon. The different quilts produced on the day were amazing. I was sat between Manuela who was working with cream on cream beautiful sutle prints. The lady at the other side was using black, grey and misty purples. Then inbetween was my in your face quilt. I am really pleased with the result, but it would be nice to be not quite so bright sometimes.

13 September 2006

Beautiful white Irises that live along the side of our house.

I have been really busy over the last week doing up the sitting room. We have converted it from this to .......... this mess and then to ............ the final version. Which I hope you agree is a big improvement, well we think so. And all because I was fed up of the yukky beige carpet. I am heading for the hall next, as I would like to get it finished before I start work in October. Now where did I leave that paintbrush.

01 September 2006

Peach blossom and a freesia for the first day of spring.


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