31 July 2007

Poppies at the Sound Shell

For the last week or so as I have driven through Napier I have wanted to stop and take a closer look at these Poppies. They are growing and flowering happily at the Sound Shell. Yesterday I got the chance, I had a spare 10 mins and there was a handy parking space. Or should I say there was a handy parking space once I herded the Japanese tourists out of the way. Oh for a sheep dog or two when you need one. The Sound Shell is one of Napier's famous art deco buildings.

Poppies and Bees

The bumble bees were really busy around these poppies. Here are a couple I managed to capture in the snaps. Click on the photo if you want to see a larger version of the picture.

Poppies on their own

Finally some poppies on their own and with a friend.

29 July 2007


There is one thing that computers can not do yet, I think. In fact I think that perhaps they will never be able to do it. Produce scents. The flower above is not the prettiest flower in the world, but it has got to be among the best scented flowers. Wish I could share it with you.

Today's Daisy

Today's Oxeye daisy.

28 July 2007

Today's Daisies

Today's daisies are more stiched and quilted daisies.

Have you seen Elvis?

Have you seen Elvis recently. I found him on Thursday in the middle of a quilt at the HBQ&P.

26 July 2007

My First Commission

My first ever photographic commission. Would you belive it a fertalizer factory, why couldn't it have been something pretty.
"Can you get me a pic of the fertalizer factory." asked Hubby.
So off I trotted and brought back a ton of snaps. Above is the one he chose. Now how do you rate my chances of getting paid for it. I can always dream.

Today's Daisies

Daisies and pebbles.

23 July 2007

The Ducks are back

The ducks have returned to the creek after an absence of a few months, and they have brought some friends with them. There used to be five now there are nine.


The rather grandiose leadlight sky light at the hastings Exhibition centre.

Today's Daisies

Today's daisies are more quilted daisies from the Hawkes Bay Patchworkers exhibition. This one was done in a Mary Transome class.

and even more Quilts

Even more quilts from the Hawkes Bay Patchworkers quilt show.

Steaming Hills

Te Mata Peak steaming gently in Saturday's warm sunshine.

22 July 2007

Harry Potter Weekend

I have had a very Harry Potter weekend, I could almost say I am Harry Pottered out. On Saturday afternoon we went to see the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I enjoyed it more than the the other Harry Potter films. They were good, but not how I pictured the books as I read them. This current film is much more like I visualized the book.

As you will probably know the last Harry Potter book came out on Saturday. Of course I had to buy a copy. And yes of course I had to sit down and read it. A strange thought that all over the world people were reading the same book at the same time. Has this ever happened on such a scale before. And yes I did not stop reading until the book was finished. And yes I did enjoy every single minute of it. I am sorry this is the last book, they were all great reads. And no I am not going to give any of the story away.

I am a J K Rowling admirer. I know that the hype surrounding HP is criticised, but for me it is all a part of the the delicious HP experience. Previous to HP this genre of fiction was not that popular. HP has helped bring it to the public eye and open the flood gates for other fantasy fiction and movies, both for kids and for adults. So thank you J K Rowling, you have given me hours and hours of pleasure in the company of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

20 July 2007

Its still raining

There has been more rain here in sunny Hawkes Bay this week than there has been in the two years since we arrived here. It has rained lightly, heavily and very very heavily almost non stop all week. In one of the gaps between the clouds today I think I caught a glimpse of green hills. I can't wait for the clouds to clear so I can see if the hills of Hawkes Bay have changed from golden brown to green.

Privacy Again

I have bedroom curtains that meet in the middle again.

Heart Warming Quilts

I had a spare 15 minutes this afternoon, between leaving work and collecting kids from school. I think I spent it very wisely on a flying visit to the Hawkes Bay Patchworkers and Quilters "Heart Warming Quilts" exhibition at Hastings Community Art Centre. I am always amazed by the standard of work on display, and the talent of the quilters in Hawkes Bay.

The venue for the exhibition is Hastings community art centre. An art deco building that was originally the china department of Westerman's Department Store (I think). I really like the way that some of the quilts are just thrown over the balcony.


This daffodil quilt is absoultly stunning. My photos do not do it any justice at all. The work invloved is mind boggling. Have a close look at the quilting can you spot the spider's web.


I really liked this quilt, I loved the idea and the fabrics used. It has all been handpieced. I would like to know how it was done.
I always have template issues when I do hexagons.

More Quilts

Some more quilts I liked from the exhibition. Wish I had taken pictures of them all now.

Today's Daisies

Today's Daisies are plaid quilted daisies from the Hawkes Bay Quilters exhibition. I am inspired by this quilt and would like a shot at a pattern like this.

More Daisies

More quilted daisies from a class I went to last year. My version of this daisy quilt is still not finished. I could not manage to do the pattern as directed. I had to change the layout. Which means that I still have 40 odd little daisies to do for the edge strips. It might be finished for the next exhibition in 2009.

18 July 2007

Down at the creek today

After a few days of heavy rain the creek has burst its banks. Not as high as the flood last year, that brought us a 2 inch layer of sand to the lower garden. And not to bad compared with the flooding in some areas of Hawkes Bay. Thank goodness our house is on the high part of the garden.


Thanks to Katherine, yet again (remember the helpful loan of a fridge while I waited for my new one to arrive).
The curtains I am using in my bedroom do not quite meet in the middle. They were originally made for one of the kids rooms in our last house. And really if there is one room where you want your curtains to meet it is in the bedroom. Katherine happend to mention she had a bit of the same fabric if I wanted some. So by next week I should have some fully functioning curtains.

15 July 2007

Strange human hen coops

On one of my morning walking routes, I found these strange little houses that look a bit like human hen coops. I would love to look inside one.
Two weeks ago they weren't there. A couple of months ago there were trees here in front of a nice house.
I hope they will look a bit better when they have been finished off and aclimatised with their surroundings.

Today's Daisies

Today's daisies are in a vase with some beautiful violets.

Up our road

Up at the end of our road it used to look like this.

But now it is starting to look like this. In about 10 years time this view will be gone, and this road will look just like the rest of Havelock.
When I walk there now the views feel like they belong to me for a brief few minutes while I stroll along. But once the houses are all built the views will be theirs not mine.
Not that I am objecting to people building, but I will miss it when it is gone. I will just have to walk further to feel at the top of the world again.

There are some section owners who are are even getting their gardens pre manured.


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