02 July 2007

Disaster Number 3

Hopefully disasters come in threes. First there was the cooker that slowly died element by element and had to be replaced. Next the dish washer that flooded the kitchen and is slowly falling apart. Then on Friday night the fridge gave up and stopped working. Now I can do without the dishwasher, but I can't do with out a fridge. Off we went on Saturday to visit every electrical store in Hastings. We ordered a new fridge but it will not be available until wednesday. Luckly Katherine, who had just flown in from Calafornia, came to our rescue and lent us a spare fridge. Thank you Katherine. Her little fridge looked so lost in the gap left by the big old one. This has kind of spurred Peter into redesigning the kitchen!!!! Will post some pics as the changes happen.


Blossom Hill said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your appliance disasters. Hope you manage to sort out some replacements for these necessities.

ryan said...

thats our refridgerator!!!



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