20 November 2011

More travels of a redundant mum

What do you think of this beautifully cute little cottage. Wouldn't you like to stay there for a weekend.
Lucky me, this weekend I did. Keriann from Sweet Mary and me with my Coulter and Coulter hat on were doing a fair at Cross Hills Gardens near Kimbolton in the Manawatu. Its a long drive and an early start so we decided to stay over and make a girls weekend of it. Leaving Peter at home with the youngest and six Star Wars videos, lucky him.
Our journey down was one of many stops at every op shop, junk shop and antique shop on the way. While driving around trying to find the last op shops before they closed we came across this amazing den of bargains. I could have spent all day there. Unfortunately, we arrived at almost closing time. No I don't think I will share its location, because I want all those bargains for myself. It was a veritable Alladin's cave. If only there had been more room in the car. We drove off with Keriann sitting with a pile of amazing goodies on her lap.
On the way back we stopped for morning tea at The Herb Farm. Before having a walk around we stopped in the cafe for morning tea of Cheese and Herb scones, yum yum yum. The garden walk was wonderful, thank you to Keriann for persuading me that the $3.50 fee was well worth it. Apparently the elves and gnomes come out and frolic in the evenings we did not see any of them moving.
My favorite part of the garden was the herbologists cottage. It was so cute, I want one in my garden.
I really loved the glass in this window, in the herbologists cottage, thistles and roses. Something else I want.
The whole garden was a little on the wild side and full of beautiful plants.

The only problem I have with this wonderful garden is that it was full of amazing plants that I would like, but they did not have any for sale. Not even a tiny little pot. When we asked the bemused staff said, yes lots of people ask that. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


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