24 February 2012

Rod Stewart - In a Broken Dream

And the answer is YES. Tomorrow is Rod Stewart day, he is this year's Mission Concert artist. He is said to be the best ever performer so far at the Mission. I hope he lives up to the expectations. I will enjoy it anyway. This is my most favourite Rod Stewart song ever, I don't think he will be singing it tomorrow. But I will. I am such a 70's babe. And I have no idea why I am talking in such short and snappy sentences. What is your favourite Rod Stewart song, and please do not say Sailing.

23 February 2012

13 February 2012

Sunny Napier

This summer has been quite miserable. So when the sun came out I took the chance to have a stroll through Clive Square Gardens in Napier. It was lovely, all the flower borders were full of a riot of colour and there were a couple of doves flitting around. The dove in the pic above sat on the bell harpy thing while it played its tune and only took off when the music finished.
I felt like a bit of a tourist taking pics of the water lilies.

The Doobie Bros and others

A couple of weekends ago we had a quick trip up to Taupo to see The Dobbie Bros in concert. I wondered if the people in the car in front of us were off to the same concert.
When we arrived at the venue it was packed, really, really packed. And still they kept flooding in.
We squashed ourselves down to enjoy the afternoon. The weather was brilliant, the music was brilliant, we had a great time joining in with all the old rockers.
You can tell they are all old rockers - the concert finished at 6:30pm and we all trundled off home. Not quite Rock and Roll is it.


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