20 June 2010

Today's Daisy and the study makeover

The walls of the study have been stripped, filled, sanded, primed and painted. The curtains are back up. And a new lamp shade has been installed. A lamp shade with cut out daisies on it - how could I resist. Now when the light is on there are daisies all over the walls.
All I need to do now is sand down the bed and repaint it, before our visitor comes next week. The study is going to be a spare bedroom for a week, before being converted back into the study.

Something I never thought I would recieve.....

An award for Courage Under Fire! Last night my work had an outing to the local lasor combat shooting game place. My team won. Despite the fact that I managed to run round a corner and attempt to spear my eye on one of the other girls guns. It was a really brilliant, I had so much fun, despite the bruises.

10 June 2010

Who would have guessed ......

Do you remember the lovely door that I bought that was a little too short. Well I have been clearing out and selling the doors I did not want. I really did not want to part with this one and was hoping it would end up somewhere where it would be appreciated. Not in my wildest imaginations did I think it would end up going to the place it headed off to today.
Do you recognise the building at all ........... yes my lovely door is heading down to Wellington to be part off an exhibition in Te Papa the national museum. They are setting up a display of life in the 1940's and wanted a door, and bought mine. I was so excited about this, not only will it have a good home, but also it can be admired by lots of people. The exhibition will be on for 10 years. I want to go down to see it when it is installed, and will sneak some photos of it in postion.

The reason I should never be left alone in a room with a wallpaper scraper in my hand.

What I was meant to be doing was rubbing down the walls to get rid of some of the bumps and removing the small lumpy, lose bits of wallpaper, ready to fill the tiny gaps and rub them down later. As seen in the above picture. Well that does not look to hard you may be thinking. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, Peter was a bit surprised when he came home.

Just in the knick of time

Over the last few mornings I have been struggling to wake up. Peter gets up at 6am then comes back to bed, and says to me its just after 6am you can go back to sleep for a while. So I do. But I forget to do the waking up later bit, until too late. I now have a lovely new alarm clock installed at the side of my bed. Hopefully tomorrow I will be up on time.

03 June 2010

And another Kitchen Makeover update

The large lump of rimu we bought yesterday has been cut, shaped, sanded, oiled and installed in place. Another finished section and another section that looks even better than I thought it would. And thankyou to Julz for her comment on the tiles. The whole idea has now been reject. We will just have to wait till we can find some more lumps of rimu on Trademe.
Of course now the end is in sight in the kitchen I have started eyeing up the next project. The study/sewing room/spare bedroom. We have lots of plans. It has taken me weeks to remove all the junk from the room and it is almost clear. Maybe this weekend I will start, and be glad to get rid of the dark green at last.

02 June 2010

Kitchen Makeover another update

Its looking really good don't you think, one side finished at last. I am pleased at how it looks after so many months of planning and waiting. We managed to buy another large lump of rimu from TradeMe. The bidding went right up to my limit and stopped, thankfully. This bit was a workbench from Hastings Intermediate. We are going to use it as benchtops for the island unit and the bit beside the stove.The tiles below are a mad idea I had for the rest of the benchtops. What do you think. At the moment I am veering too no, but may be swayed. Please leave a comment.

The last remains of Autumn

Now that Winter is here and along with it, lots and lots of rain, its good too remember how beautiful Autumn looked.


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