03 June 2010

And another Kitchen Makeover update

The large lump of rimu we bought yesterday has been cut, shaped, sanded, oiled and installed in place. Another finished section and another section that looks even better than I thought it would. And thankyou to Julz for her comment on the tiles. The whole idea has now been reject. We will just have to wait till we can find some more lumps of rimu on Trademe.
Of course now the end is in sight in the kitchen I have started eyeing up the next project. The study/sewing room/spare bedroom. We have lots of plans. It has taken me weeks to remove all the junk from the room and it is almost clear. Maybe this weekend I will start, and be glad to get rid of the dark green at last.


Julz said...

That large lump of rimu has come up a treat - looks fantastic as an island bench. Can't wait to see what magic you paint/decorate for your sewing room (and study and spare bedroom). Enjoy the long weekend. Hugs Jx

joven said...

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