30 December 2011

Best Christmas Pressie ever - well so far anyway

For my Christmas pressie this year I wanted a new camera, my old one has developed a few quirks. I thought I was going to have to wait for a few months before I could save up enough. But my lovely, wonderful hubbie got one for me today. Thank you Peter. But can you see something wrong with the pictures. Spotted it yet. Yes, you are right I am taking pictures with my old camera while the boys play with my new one, typical.

Its great to have the time too............

Paint the new chair for the veranda. I picked it up in a second hand shop for a fraction of the new cost. And paint and reupholster another bargain I picked up on my travels with my friend Sheena when she was here. And no I have not forgot that I have not finished posting all the pictures of that trip.


The last few evenings to attempt to counteract the excess of food we have been stuffing down, Peter and I have been going out walking. I don't know if the walking has been working but the views are great.

27 December 2011

My kind of Boxing day

Kitchen table cleared, sewing machine out and off I go. Sewing for myself, after months of sewing for Coulter and Coulter, its great to do some for me. I did not get all the stuff I cut out stitched up, but I made a big dent in it. What I did get done is four cushions and one skirt. Plus a few Coulter and Coulter bags. Hopefully I will get a chance to get more done in the next couple of days.

25 December 2011

Wishing you a Merry Hawkes Bay Christmas

Roses are flowering and the Christmas decorations are up.
The tree in Napier has lost its rugby balls and gained its Christmas decorations. Complete with golden angel.
If you are a fellow Dr Who fan you might have been a bit freaked to see the angel.

The farmers market is brimming over with produce of all kinds, especially fruit.
The pohutukawa trees are in full flower.
Carol singers appearing every where.
Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for reading my blog and have a peaceful and productive New Year.

17 December 2011

Anyone for a spot of Cluedo

No prizes as to who did what to who, in where, with what.
It was Rev Green in the Lounge with the Candlestick, poor Professor Plum had no idea what hit her.
Really we haven't gone barking mad. Well possibly just slightly mewing mad. Really, we were on our way to my works Christmas function, Cluedo night at Peak Restaurant.

Agapanthus time again

All around Havelock North and Hastings the agapanthus is bursting into flower in their own stately way.

11 December 2011

Redundant Mum on the road again Day 2 Taupo to Huka Falls

Day two in Taupo we decided to walk to Huka Falls. It would have taken a couple of minutes to drive there, but the two hour walk seemed like a good idea at the time. The walk starts from Taupo Bungee, which just happens to be quite near to an op shop I like to visit. Handy that. Needless to say neither of us wanted to try out the bungee jump.
Not sure where the owner of these boots has gone.
This sign rather confused me. Confidence course to the toilets, does that mean you should pay a visit before going on the walk, so you can be confident you won't be caught short. I don't know, do you? Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.
We did find the thermal stream steaming its way down to the Waikato. Looks peaceful from this side, but behind me it was full of scantily clad people enjoying the warm water.

I am sure these lupins are nasty weeds, but this whole meadow of them looked stunning.
The views over the river were beautiful, accenting the amazing colour of the water, so many shades of turquoise and green. I am going to run out of enthusiastic descriptive words soon.

I had to take a picture of this pretty thistle.
The views on our side of the river were not to shabby either.
Although the path did meander up and down quite a few wee hills, it was well looked after and easy to walk. Why did I imagine that a walk along side a river would be all flat. My legs ached for the next couple of days, I am not used to walking up and down hills.
Another must take a picture of flower.
Eventually we reached the falls, we could hear them from quite a distance. The photos don't do justice to the amount of water that rushes through the narrow gorge, the power of which was incredible.
Again the range of colours in the water was really inspiring.
Unfortunately once you get there you remember you then have to walk back. Luckily there is a little kiosk selling reviving ice creams. And the walk back was not to bad, mainly because we talked so much, we did have four years worth of talking to catch up on.
More details of day 3, 4 and 5 coming soon.

Redundant Mum on the road again Day 1 Taupo

My oldest friend from back home has just been over for a visit and while she was here we went off for a trip to see a little bit of New Zealand. First stop Taupo for a couple of days.
I borrowed a friends house over looking the lake, with amazing views.
Surrounded by flowering rhodies.
With some interesting neighbors.

Unfortunately there was a lot of low cloud hiding the distant volcanoes.
But making for some amazing sunset shots.

10 December 2011

Where to start, where to start, I know - with a Daisy

And what a Daisy to start with, I was really pleased with this photograph. It just captures the way the daisy was turned to soak up as much sun as possible.
And this one I just love the raggy edges, so cute. Anyway back to the story. My forever best friend, who I have not seen for about four years, has been over to visit me. For the two weeks that she was here we have walked, and talked, and shopped, and taken pictures, and driven miles and miles, and drunk a few bottles of bubbles, and eaten in a lot of cafes and best of all had a really, really great time.
I have a lot of pictures to show you of the trip and I thought it would be good to start with some of the flower pictures I took along the way.
This bunch of flowers were found in and around Taupo on our first stop.


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