31 January 2007

Another snap of the plant I thought was an Aloe, not so sure now.

Update: This is not an Aloe. It is an Agarve Americalis, a mexican plant. They make Tequelia from one of its cousins. According to our local paper, they flower once only then die. This particular one was planted 30 years ago and this is its swan song. What a swan song! At the moment it is teeming with birds and insects visiting its flowers. Around its base there are lots of smaller versions, which may flower in another 30 years time. It is hard to get an idea of its hight, but according to the article it is now 8.87 meters tall. It towers over the houses around it.

One of this summers dark red sunflowers.

28 January 2007

A couple of snaps from last nights concert. The first is of me. The guy in the lovely orange hat behind me is my boss.
This is the view over to Napier from our seat high up on the hill. Somewhere down there in the distance is Eric Clapton. Needless to say the concert was truly brilliant. I am really glad that there are no pics of the end of the concert, by which time I was up dancing in my usual arm waving fashion.

27 January 2007

Some of our Mission Concert picnic goodies.

The countdown to Eric at the Mission is definatly in its final stages. He is due on stage at 8:30pm and we are heading over at about 3:30 - 4:00. The weather is not looking to brill, there are showers forcast. But we don't care. Peter is busy prepareing the picnic and I have been painting my toenails. You have got to get your priorities right you know.
I think this maybe a member of the salvia family but not sure. There are huge clumps of it in the far border.

First flower on the Shasta Daisy that I bought through Trade Me (New Zealands equivalent of EBay). Only to discover that there were already some in the garden.

Bee on a Sunflower.

24 January 2007

Oh no, more sunset pics.
Some Hydrangeas from the side of the house.

Roses from the side of the house.
Sunflowers growing against the side of the house.

23 January 2007

A rock with fossils that my middle son found when he was camping out in the bush.

21 January 2007

Yes they really do make everything out of corrugated iron over here.

A stormy winter Scottish sky, taken a few days ago by Jim in Balerno outside Edinburgh.

Bullrushes and a muddy pond.


Some more Havelock North views.

Even though today's daisy is blue, I am not.

Somewhere among those trees is our house!

I walked past this Fennel growing wild at the edge of the road. The scent in the hot sun made me want to go home and eat Nan bread and Chicken Korma.

18 January 2007

Another sunset as we were searching for the comet.

We have just been out on a comet search looking for Comet McNaughton. After a lot of driving around we eventually were able to spot it. Here a are a couple of the pics I am really sorry that they are so blurry, but my camera is not good at night. If you wonder where the comet is, it is right in the middle of the pic above the horizon, with the tail going vertically. Much better in real life.
Remember that you can see the full size pic by clicking on the image.

Another view of Hawkes Bay from Ahuriri, Napier.

Cape Kidnappers from the beach at Napier.
The same view from Bluff Hill lookout.
Some views from Bluff Hill lookout over Hawkes Bay.

Plants on Bluff Hill Napier.

Convolvulus I think.

Waterfall at Napier's Centenial Gardens.

16 January 2007

We went down to Waimarama after work yesterday afternoon. Here are a couple of the snaps. We spent the whole time boogie boarding it was great fun, even though I have grazed both my knees.

14 January 2007

There were some very scrubby shrubs in our garden, which I was close to thinking were perhaps weeds. I am glad I waited to see what they were as they are beautiful pinky/mauve Hibiscus.

It was a little wet om my walk today.

Daisies in the Lavender.


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