06 January 2007

Stages 4 and 5 of the the side garden makeover are complete. The digging has been done and the first raised bed put in. I have also put in a small red myrtle hedge against next door to hide the step down and the edge of their weed matting. I hope it grows quickly.
All I need to do now is win the lottery so I can afford the plants to fill in the spaces. I have so many ideas.

The plan is to put in another raised bed in front of the sewer access and water toby. Then I can gravel around that area and use it as a shady area for raising cuttings and seeds. Both of the raised beds will have citrus trees in them. So far I have a small orange and a lemon tree. At the back in front of the hedge I would like to put a Cotinus (smoke bush). My next door neighbout who is a landscape gardener has another Fatsia Japonica going spare, so I am going to put it at the other side of the path from the existing one. Then I have a quite a few Canna Lillies I would like to transplant to the front of the border, as well as some dark mauve Irises. A couple of heukera at the front of the border and perhaps a Seniso should finish it off. Well maybe not as I would quite like a red ruby Mandaville on the fence. Will post more pics in a few months when the planting is taking shape.

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