31 May 2007

Some pine cones that look a bit like Roses close up.

Today's daisies another pressie from Mum.

Some fabrics my Mum brought over for me.

28 May 2007

Norham, a small border village, where we lived for a while.

Some snaps of Edinburgh Charlotte Square, Howe Street and the Castle from Princes Street.

Some Edinburgh steps.

27 May 2007

Some Selkirk steps.

Oil seed rape and a poppy from the scottish borders.

Pampas grass in the sun.

Not bad for late Autumn almost winter.

Not sure if this Agapanthis is way to early or way to late.

Today's slightly raggey daisy from in front of our mailbox.

This is the project I have been working on for the last two months. It was a pressie for Peter's Mum and Dad. It has 60 diamonds, to celebrate their 60 years married. Peter helped out with the design and the cutting. My Mum helped put the back together, when I went a little wrong. In the end the quilt was finished the day before Peter flew over to see his parents. I really hope they like it.

It was Peter's Mum and Dad's Diamond wedding aniversary yesterday. Isn't that amazing being married for 60 years, incredible.

25 May 2007

Cabbage Tree at Waimarama.

Palm trees at Waimarama.

Gum tree bark.

Sheep fold on a borders hill side. Perhaps the Scottish side or perhaps the English side. I am sure Peter will enlighten us soon.

24 May 2007

Its Chelsea Flower Show again. Here is a link:


There are panoramic views of the gardens and video clips of the designers talking about their gardens.

Today's Scottish daisy, flowering happily in Melrose.

Success at last, all my own work. My dear hubby had forgot to mention that I should heat the water for 45 seconds before adding it to the mix. It really did make a lot of difference.
A picture of Melrose high street.

And a picture of Carol and her brilliant fabric shop in Melrose, well worth a visit if you are ever passing through the Scottish Borders.

23 May 2007

Today's photogenic daisy.

Camellia hedge at Keirunga. Is this the usual time for them to flower, or are they particularly early this year.

I have wondered for a while what type of tree this is. I thought it was a type of gum. Then I noticed one in Keriann's garden. Turns out it is a pepper tree, which is really obvious when you see the berries.
What do you think of my new blog title. Any comments would be apprecitated.

You can tell my Mum is visiting and I have a bit more time for blogging. I have also completed a project I have been working almost full time on for about six weeks, more about that in the next couple of days.

22 May 2007

My hubby usually bakes bread for us every morning, using a bread maker. As he has been away on a trip, I decided to attempt making some bread myself.

This is how it turned out. No I did not break it up, this is how it looked when I turned it out.

Second attempt, this time I just made the dough and then baked it in the oven.

Attempt number three looks a lot better. Wish I could take the credit, but this has to go to my Mum, who as you know is visiting at the moment.

21 May 2007

Today's daisies, beautifully flowering on an Autumns day.

Some snaps of some very early Cherry Blossom, taken this weekend at Keirunga. I could not make up my mind which snap to use, so I have included them all, as usual.
We had a trip down to Waimarama yesterday, so that my Mum, who is visiting, could dip her toes in the Pacific for the first time.

The beach was practically deserted, we had it almost to ourselves.

19 May 2007

A rose hedge on my morning walk. Not bad for Autumn.


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