28 February 2007

While I was browsing through old pics, I found this one of a street in Barcelona that I particulary like.

These are some snaps of Berwick upon Tweed, the town we lived near in the UK, before we moved to New Zealand.

27 February 2007

We had another trip down to Waimarama at the weekend. The first snap is the view of the bay to Bare Island as you come over the hill.

If you enlarge this image (by clicking on it) of Te Mata Peak you can see a Para glider hanging just above the peak.
Another step forward in the side garden changes . I have started the planting. I love these grasses, they look so good with the light on them and the breeze blowing through them.

I have never grown Aubergines before and did not realise how easy it was. I thought they would start green then turn the lovely dark purple black colour. But no even the little tiny ones are aubergine colour. This one tasted brill roasted with chicken and pumpkin for our sunday lunch. No pics of it cooked as we gobbled it down tooo quickly.

25 February 2007

Today's Daisies, that grow outside the Homestead in Kierunga Gardens.

I have been reading a good book about Daisies. "The Plantfinder's Guide to Daisies" by John Sutton. It is full of brilliant pic's. And I have learnt a few things I did not know. I did not realise before today that the Daisy Family contains Asters, Cosmos and Sunflowers obviously. But also suprisingly Globe Thistles, Ligularia and Achillea.

Yellow irises in Keirunga Gardens. Or are they Canna Lillies. Opps.

An outstanding Nicotina (Tabacoo Plant) .

24 February 2007

Remember that hint of Autumn in the air that I mentioned earlier. The leaves are starting to turn on these maples. I suspect that it is the lack of water not the on set of Autumn.

I love the walk up into the hills at the top of our road. The sound of Tuis, Pukeko and the number eight fence wire singing in the wind. But it is going to change.

20 - 30 plots have been sold off. The building platforms for the houses are being dug out. Even though I hate to see it happening, if I had the chance I would love to live up there among the stunning views.

My followers from this mornints walk. Just glad they were on the other side of the electric fence.
A few views from this mornings walk to the top of our road and into the hills.

I loved the colour of the grass today. It is still very very dry. But there was an Autumn feel in the air, and the grass had a tinge of red in the gold.

This is one way to move house.

Today's bright and colourful daisies.

22 February 2007

My first attempt at an ice bowl. I made this one to use when we had friends over for a meal on Saturday night. But I forgot to use it, so it is still sitting in my freezer.

The leaves I used are mint and lemon balm.

20 February 2007

Seaside Daisies.

Some Napier waves.

I took a load of good snaps today. But I think my camera is damaged as there is a spot just to the right of the centre on each pic. No it is not dust on the lense, the lense is perfectly clean. You can see the mark on the second snap.

18 February 2007

The Circus is in town! We thought we would trail along with the kids and do the Circus thing. And at first it seemed a little on the tacky side. But then the standard of the performers really blew me away. You can watch this sort of thing on TV and think Oh Yea. But when you see it in the flesh it is incredible. The first two snaps of the acrobat guys were amazing. The trapeze girls, the hula hoop girl and the incredibly fast juggler were outstanding. The team of acrobats were just brill too. But I could not belive my eyes at the final act, shown in the last snap. Three motor bikes zooming about at high speed in a tiny metal cage, incredible. I know the snap looks as if there are only two bikes, but take it from me there were three. Thank you to Weber Brothers Circus for a good family afternoon out.

(Have a close look at the Audience in snap number two. It seems to be composed of Zombies!)

In the corner of this picture is a White Tail Spider I found in the airing cupboard. Click on the image to get a larger view if you dare.

It is Napier Art Deco weekend. Hawkes Bay is full of vintage cars. Napier is full of people in full thirties get up. Sorry did not get any snaps of the costumes, maybe next year. This year we will just have to make do with this rather cool car.

A sneek peak into a really pretty garden in Tainui Drive

The view down through Tanner Street reserve, over Havelock to the Ranges beyond. Unfortunatly my camera did not do the view justice. You can see Ruapehu in the distance. One day I will have a camera that will be able to capture what I can see.

Today's Daisy

Te Mata Peak through some Fennel.

13 February 2007

Zuccini flower.

Some misty morning views.


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