18 February 2007

The Circus is in town! We thought we would trail along with the kids and do the Circus thing. And at first it seemed a little on the tacky side. But then the standard of the performers really blew me away. You can watch this sort of thing on TV and think Oh Yea. But when you see it in the flesh it is incredible. The first two snaps of the acrobat guys were amazing. The trapeze girls, the hula hoop girl and the incredibly fast juggler were outstanding. The team of acrobats were just brill too. But I could not belive my eyes at the final act, shown in the last snap. Three motor bikes zooming about at high speed in a tiny metal cage, incredible. I know the snap looks as if there are only two bikes, but take it from me there were three. Thank you to Weber Brothers Circus for a good family afternoon out.

(Have a close look at the Audience in snap number two. It seems to be composed of Zombies!)

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