17 May 2009

Moon rise

While cooking the evening meal, I got distracted watching the moon rising. One day I will capture what I can see, but till then you will have to put up with the blurry images.

The wanderer returns

My cat Buffy disapeared for a couple of weeks, then came home again. I am so glad she did and I am so glad she is safe. There was a big space in our home when she was missing.

Winter is on the way

Autumn is nearly over and winter is on the way. Last week we had our first frost. The morning light was positively golden pink.

The first snows have appeared on the ranges. And don't they look so good.

Already there is a promise of spring flowers on the way.

Back to work

After six weeks off I am back at work. During the time I was off the company I work for has moved office. My parking space now looks out over the Pacific.

Instead of the old building we now have a lovely glass building, which looks out on Hawkes Bay.
And this is the brilliant view I have from my desk. Almost like working in a tree house. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.

Today's Daisies #90

I have finished my daisy quilt at last and it is on the bed, complete with a comfy cat. Only about nine months late.

02 May 2009

Today's Daisies #91

Today's stunning daisy pics were sent to me by my Mum, Audrey. They are growing in a salmon fishing boat in the car park of the village hall where my Mum and Dad live. Below is a pic of my Dad standing infront of the boat.

01 May 2009


Freedom at last after almost seven weeks of casts, wheelchairs and crutches I have both feet on the ground and can walk unaided again. Can't quite manage to walk normally yet, my ankle does not quite bend in the right places. But the best thing of all is I can drive again.

Seeing some more red

I seemed to be noticing lots of red. Red tea towels on the washing line.
Red teapot on top of the freezer.

Red rose outside the lounge window.

Bright red scarf I am knitting.

I just can't help taking more autumn pics .....

Autumn this year has been beautiful sunny and warm. Until yesterday, it started off really well.
Then the clouds started to over getting darker and darker. Looking almost wintery.

I love the way that the light catches the leaves with the storm behind.

Promise this is the last of the Autumn pics for this year.

Today's Daisies #90

My mum sent me this gorgeous daisy fabric, thanks yet again Mum. I am planning a sort of 30's inspired quilt, another of my plans. One day I might have the time and energy to get them done.


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