30 March 2008

This is .......... the contents of my handbag.

This is the contents of my handbag. Well technically this is just the handbag its contents are below, but I just felt I needed to say something about it first. I love my handbag, I have been using the same one for three years. I do not want to change it, I have not found another day to day bag I like as much. It is also operates a bit like Dr Who's tardis. It can take all the objects below and still leave room for a couple of apples, a paperback book, a can of coke and what ever treasures that my youngest has found that day. What I found in my bag today is........ Three pens and a pen lid. My phone. My umbrella, even though it has not really rained here for about 6 weeks, you can take the girl away from scotland but you can't get her to believe that it won't rain everyday. My phone with a flat battery as usual. A fridge magnet from the vets, needed when the guinea pig was pregnant in case of complications! A pile of rubbish, old recipts, tissues, lottery tickets, empty headache tablet pack and the empty packet of chocolate raisins I scoffed at the pictures yesterday. A tape measure incase I need to measure anything in an emergency. Lipstick I never use. Purse and coin purse, again never used. An invaluable notebook, would be lost with out it. Two lucky book club leaflets that I forgot to complete and hand in for my youngest, oops bad Mummy again. My ipod shuffle, so cool to be able to listen to when I am walking. And last of all my prize possession my camera I have going anywhere with out it, actually a bit of a cheat it is just case as I am using the camera to take the pic. Oh and I forgot the chewing gum. I think that is all, and thanks for the brill suggestion, one way of getting me to clear out my handbag at last. Do you know there is not a single daisy in there, I will have to rectify this some how, any suggestions.

Today's Daisies #37

Today's field of Daisies.

Down at the creek today #3

Down at the creek today there was .................. One busy Peter.
Two hungry ducks.
A flock of fluffy sheep.

And thousands and thousands of invisible mosquitos.


It is really here at last. The mornings are misty and dark, and the leaves have started to fall.

More Beauty

Some of the flowers I past on my walk this morning.

29 March 2008

Today's Daisies #36

Some days I feel just like this. And some days I feel just like this. In fact I probably feel like this more often. But the days I feel like the sunny bright daisies make it all worth while.

Is this my pressie ..........

I am not sure if Buffy decided to lie here incase we fogot her name, or did she think that it was her place to lie as it had her name on it, or does she think that we are fattening up the baby guineas as a pressie for her. Actually we are just using her old crate as a temporary home until Peter builds the new pent hutch for the guinea girls.

28 March 2008

Today's Daisies #36

Today's daisies are on top of my Apple Pie. I make apple pies that are eatable and ok. But Peter makes apple pies that are amazingly tasty and melt in your mouth. Unfortunatly this is one of mine, ok but not a Peter pie.


This is why I love gardening, is there anything as beautiful as these roses.
And also why I love my camera. Now I get to keep the images I love and to share them with you.

26 March 2008

Today's Daisies #35

Today's daisies are on an old curtain I found in a Hospice op shop. The pattern is called Daisy Chain, a John Lewis fabric, I am sure they do not produce it anymore. I think it is dated from about 1964. I love this pattern, though I do prefer the green version. I think there is perhaps 4 to 6 metres of fabric and all for $4 (or £1.20). Now I have to figure out what to do with it all.
The reason I was in the op shop is ............... there is a crown lynn tea set I like. I have been back to see it 4 times. I just can't make up my mind whether I should buy it or not. It only costs $12 ( or £4.00). When I am in the shop I decide no. Then when I am not in the shop, like now, I think yes, I would like to buy it. Perhaps tomorrow I will go and have another look. I would love for you to leave a comment, what do you think, should I get it or not.

25 March 2008

Jack Johnson

Went to see Jack Johnson in concert on Saturday night. Both of my oldest kids were meant to be coming with us. But just as we were leaving the middle one changed his mind and decided to stay at home with his girlfriend. Luckily my eldest found a friend ready and prepared to drop everything and come along too, so the ticket was not wasted. The concert itself was brilliant, so cool, such brilliant musicians. We had a great time sitting on the hill with our picnic and listening to such gorgeous music.

Today's Daisies #34

A little sneak peek at my "Pass it forward" gifts. Hope to send them out next week.

23 March 2008

This is ...........my demon

This week's "This is " theme is my deamon. I think the photo above says it all. I just can't resist them. Each one adds at least two inches to my waist line. Thank goodness easter will be over soon and I am safe for another year. May be next year I will be slim enough to eat 100s of them. Fat chance of that happening really.

Now if we are talking about the type of daemon Lara had in Philip Pullman's book Northern Lights (the Golden Compass to some countries), I would like to be a red panda but suspect I would probably have a hamster as representing my true character. Little, plump and fluffy. Continuosly running around getting nowhere. But with a fierce bad temper if pushed.

21 March 2008

Today's Daisies #33

Yellow sunny daisies in the sun.

16 March 2008

This is ..... My Creation

I like to create, especially quilts. As I have posted pics of lots of my quilts recently and so many people commented on my front door last week, I thought I would post you some snaps of my lead light creation.

I have also done one for the toilet window and I am working on one for the bathroom window. Or should I say I am not working on it, as it is nearly finished. Just needs puttied and black leaded. And has been sitting waiting to be done for about 8 months. Maybe next weekend I will finish it off and get Peter to install it.

Here is another of my creations, we inherited a battered old fridge with the house. So I brightened it up a bit.

15 March 2008

Pass It Forwards

In the post today I recieved a lovely brown paper parcel all the way from Australia. I love brown paper parcels. The parcel was from Curly Pops a "Pass it Forward" gift. The idea is the first three people to leave a comment, will recieve a hand made gift from me, some time in the next 365 days. The only thing is you must be prepared to do the same on your blog, and promise that in the next 365 days you will send out three hand made gifts. Hope I have got this right, and hope that this time I remember.

Inside my parcel was a beautiful apron and hairband, in lovely pink and orange. I am not a pink girl, but I love pink and orange together. Thank you so much Cam.

Today's Daisy #32

Do you remember my Daizies give away? I didn't, I forgot all about it until today. We put all three names in a hat., Peter drew one out and Retro Rose won (Sorry Mum).

Only One Week

Here are the guinea pig babies, only one week old and they have grown so much.
We think that all three of them are girls! If so we will have to get another male to keep Caramello company. Feel so sorry for him at the moment, he just peers through the wire mesh at the littleys running around.
Two cute little peas in a pod. Don't know what to call them as they are so similar.

11 March 2008

Finished a UFO at Last

After 18 months and two Christmases I have finished my Christmas Quilt. Not sure I am happy with it yet, but by next Christmas I might be. In case you did not know, a UFO is an Unfinished Object. I have a lot of them. Maybe in the next couple of days I will post some pics of the UFOs I have outstanding.

Today's Sunset

For a couple of minutes this evening the sky was a delightful shade of pink. One day I would like a well insulated house on a hill where I can see the sunrise and the sunset. I love our current house, but it is in a little dip, lovely and cosy, so no sunrises and sunsets. I really need to win the lottery soon, does anyone have any ideas of how? If so please leave a comment.

10 March 2008

Yummy Nectarine and Marscopone Tart

It was our friend Ian's birthday party on Saturday night. We volunteered to take along a pudding. I know that it does not look that good, but it really, really tasted good. Along with all the other puddings that the guests had brought along, and Keriann's lovely Tiramisso. The recipe might turn up one day on my hubbies blog, I will let you know when it does.

More Art Deco

On Saturday while out birthday pressie shopping, I noticed this balcony. I loved the shapes and the colour. Even the rusty stains underneath.

Floating By

While I was out visiting the baby guineas this morning, the hot air ballon floated past. One day I will build up enough courage to have a ride in one myself. The view of Hawkes Bay must be magnificent. I so wish I wasn't such a height wimp.

09 March 2008

This is.......... the view from my front door.

This weeks "This is" has caused me a few problems. Our house does not seem to have a front door. Where the front door should be is the back door, which opens into the Kitchen. Then the other side of the house has only a little door at the side of the Lounge. We will renevate this house eventuall, and my main wish when we do is to have a proper front door (a bit sad really). We just can not make up our mind where to start and more to the point can't seem to save up enough money to get started.

Mr Smiley

Some people find Jesus on pieces of toast or pizza. But I seem to have found Mr Smiley in my Yorkshire Pudding. Seemed a shame to eat him, but Peter said he tasted really good.

Day Two in the Guinea Pig House

Today's Daisy #31

On Saturday morning Peter and I managed to sneek away to Napier for breakfast. As we were too early and all the cafe's were closed we had to go for a wander. I found another Art Deco daisy.

And a palm tree that looked like it was painted on the building.

And the obligatory seagull.

Some boats.

And lastly the cafe that we went for breakfast in.

Oh and not to forget the warehouse conversion. One day I would love to be able to convert a warehouse into a home. I love the idea of all the space and light.

07 March 2008

Look Who's Here

Say hello to the new members of the family. I went out to give the Guineas some spinach this afternoon and there the first one was, the one with the stripe down its nose. Then the other two arrived. Had to help a bit with the last one, as Scatter was busy cleaning the wrong end of it, so we had to take the sac of its mouth. I am not sure if they are boys or girls yet so no names. But will let you know in the next couple of days, perhaps if one is a girl I might get to call her Daisy.

Cape Kidnappers

I just loved the colour of the sea today looking over to Cape Kidnappers, just had to stop and take a quick snap.


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