02 March 2008

Tom Jones at the Mission

The day has arrived at last and we arrived at the Mission, clutching our picnic and two bottles of wine. The atmosphere is always so good, just like a giant party, complete with multiple Tom Jones look alikes. No, that is not me and Peter dressed up.
The first band to play were three members of When the Cats Away. I had never seen them before, but really enjoyed their set. I would really like that red dress in the pic above.
The view over to Napier from our perch on the hill is incredible. Even rainbows over Cape Kidnappers.

The crowd from the back on our trek to the toilets. The picnic was really, really yummy. We over catered as usual. Peter made a brilliant aloo sag and some flat breads. Keriann made brilliant samosas, chicken tikka and her brilliant chocolate brownies.
Then at last Tom Jones arrived and was just as incredible as I thought he would be. He has the most amazingly sexy voice. We all had such a great evening, great food, great company and great fun.

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