05 March 2008

More when I was little ..................

I was obviously a born housewife. Here I am studiously hanging out my washing. And over 40 years later I still spend most of my time moving washing from floor to washer and then out to the washing line. The large fluffy cat washing his leg, was my first ever cat and was called Hamish. He was a cat with a very definate personality.

For anyone of a nervous disposition, please be warned the following picture is pure 70's. View it at your own peril.

Here we are in the Lake District, my Dad (love the sideburns), my Brother(sorry again Bryan) and me(yes hard to believe but I was once tall and skinny). I was about 12 I think. I only know this because for the whole of the holiday in such a beautiful place I had my head buried in the book Watership Down and I know that it was published in 1972. Our family holidays in those days were spent in a VW Camper Van borrowed from my Dad's friend, and off we would go. I think perhaps Dad had an idea of where we were heading, but nobody else did. And I think it always rained.

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