23 March 2008

This is ...........my demon

This week's "This is " theme is my deamon. I think the photo above says it all. I just can't resist them. Each one adds at least two inches to my waist line. Thank goodness easter will be over soon and I am safe for another year. May be next year I will be slim enough to eat 100s of them. Fat chance of that happening really.

Now if we are talking about the type of daemon Lara had in Philip Pullman's book Northern Lights (the Golden Compass to some countries), I would like to be a red panda but suspect I would probably have a hamster as representing my true character. Little, plump and fluffy. Continuosly running around getting nowhere. But with a fierce bad temper if pushed.


CurlyPops said...

Mmmmmm Cadbury's

Jenny said...

Yes I know the ones! Yum!

Bird Bath said...

They are good! But I'm glad they're not available all year round:)

Anonymous said...

I love those too! In fact any eggs of any chocolate type. The more I eat the more egg-like I become... funny that. Thanks for your comment, encouragement is always helpful :-)

bigbucketgirl said...

Those egg shaped demons don't scare us here...they're eaten alive..no second chances. Once they're over our driveway they are certain to be chomped, sometimes whole!


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