28 March 2008

Today's Daisies #36

Today's daisies are on top of my Apple Pie. I make apple pies that are eatable and ok. But Peter makes apple pies that are amazingly tasty and melt in your mouth. Unfortunatly this is one of mine, ok but not a Peter pie.


Annie said...

I love that beautiful rose - I'm wondering what her name is?? I LOVE gardening too.

Brenda Kula said...

I have never mastered the art of pie crust, and stopped trying. But I always admire someone who can bake a decent piecrust. Mine always fell apart before you could get it laid in the plate.

Peter said...

Hey - a pie is a pie, it does not matter who makes it it will always be lovely, there is just something about pastry and filling, something that somebody has taken the time and effort ot make specially, that warms the heart.

And hey Brenda I do not think it matters if your crust falls apart it still tastes good and once it is covered in cream or icecream, who will know anyway !

It was a lovely pie


Nicola said...

Sorry not sure what the name of the rose is.


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