15 September 2011

Today's Daisy and Springing into action - yeah right

Last week my car broke down, well it did not really break down, it just made a very, very loud squealing noise continuously. I am very lucky I can work at home, so getting to work is not an issue. Usually I drive my son to school, for a couple of days I had to walk him to school and back. And I really, really enjoyed it.
Snow capped mountains.
Blossom on the magnolias.
And young green leaves that have just unfurled. How could I not enjoy it. I vowed to do it again even after my car was fixed. That was a week ago and life has taken over once more, there has just not been enough time. Next week I hope there will be.

04 September 2011

Sunset in a Spring garden

Although my garden does not have stunning views of lakes and mountains, that we enjoyed last weekend, there is nothing like a Spring Evening as the sun sets. Just wandering around my garden and seeing whats starting to appear again.
Enjoying the golden light filtering through branches.
The calla lillies and the helebores I planted last year are flowering and look amazing.
The flowering quince is also looking amazing as usual.


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