15 September 2011

Today's Daisy and Springing into action - yeah right

Last week my car broke down, well it did not really break down, it just made a very, very loud squealing noise continuously. I am very lucky I can work at home, so getting to work is not an issue. Usually I drive my son to school, for a couple of days I had to walk him to school and back. And I really, really enjoyed it.
Snow capped mountains.
Blossom on the magnolias.
And young green leaves that have just unfurled. How could I not enjoy it. I vowed to do it again even after my car was fixed. That was a week ago and life has taken over once more, there has just not been enough time. Next week I hope there will be.


Anonymous said...

Can I come and stay with you - it has rained and rained and rained here today!!

Nicola said...

Maybe one day we should do a swap. I do miss the borders.


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