28 December 2006

Wasps nest in the Lavender.
Update. I googled these wasps and they are Asian Paper wasps.

Agapanthus in the sun.


25 December 2006

Merry Christmas.

18 December 2006

The blossom on one of the trees down by the creek. I am not sure what it is, so if you know please leave a comment.

My friend the eel at the bottom of the garden. As I walk along the bank he follows me.

Gum tree and shadows.

Smoke Bush (Cotinus) in the sun.

A couple of views of Hastings farmers market, for Dad. Even though it was raining it was still quite busy.

The first Canna Lily out in the garden this year.

08 December 2006

Not another sunset at the bottom of the garden, but this was so good I had to post the snaps. The weather man on the radio thought it might be caused by bush fires in Australia, throwing up ash into the atmosphere.

07 December 2006

Reflection at the bottom of the garden.

Napier palms.

05 December 2006

The peaches in the garden look like they could be ready soon.

Update: Boy, was I wrong they are still as hard as rocks in January.

More views from Sunday mornings walk.

So there really are Ents alive and well in New Zealand!

Views from a walk through Tainui reserve in Havelock North.

02 December 2006

Buffy the cat trying to sneak up on the strap of my camera.
The agapanthus is starting to flower all over the place.

Here are some pohutukawa flowers, because yesterday was the first day of summer and the start of the run up to Christmas.
We also had our first christmas night out at Ormlie Lodge near Taradale. I would recommend the Pumkin soup and the Turkey Breast stuffed with apricot stuffing to anyone.
For pudding there was no choice you just got a small amount of all the desserts, perfect.


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