21 September 2010

Lunch time walk

No snaps of daisies on my very short lunchtime walk today. I have a bit of a fluey virus and felt a bit wobbly so went back to the office early. I did manage to snap a butterfly and a beautiful orange aloe.

Today's Handbag Daisy

This is the remains of the lining of my handbag. Slowly over the last year it has disintegrated and became more holes than lining. I wanted to reline it but have been putting it off because I thought it would be difficult. Amazingly, it was much easier than I imagined. I was even able to add lots of little pockets around the sides for my bits and pieces - even my umbrella has found a space of its own. And to top it all, without realising, I choose a fabric that matched my wallet. There will be no more half eaten biscuits stored for not so small children in this handbag.

19 September 2010

Celebrating half a century of Peter

This weekend Peter was a whole half a century old. Something worth celebrating I think.
What he decided he wanted to do for his birthday was to go to Waimarama and eat fish and chips on the beech.
A very good choice I thought. Unfortunatly, it seems that fate was perhaps working against us.
First of all the weather - seemingly a storm the size of Australia was about to throw all its force at New Zealand, with sea swells of 18m and hurricane force winds, and weather warnings telling us to stay away from the beeches this weekend. As you can see from the snaps - it was a little wild but not to bad.
Then getting the fish and chips was the next chore. The local shop that provides the fish and chips takeaways in Waimarama was closed for this weekend, the only weekend in the year that it is closed. Luckly the local cafe Jarks was able to provide us with a couple of scoops of chips to take down to the beech. Where we ate chips, walked along the beech and roasted marshmallows over a fire.

In the evening our good friends Keriann and Ian came over for a light supper. Bringing with them some lovely armenian street bread and an absoulutly delicious chocolate and hazelnut tart, as a birthday cake. Yum, yum, yum. I have to admit it was me that pinched the roasted hazelnuts that you can see are missing from the tart. In case you are wondering it tasted as good as it looks. A perfect end to a perfect day.

13 September 2010

Today's Exuberence of Spring Daisies

Thanks to Napier City's planting schemes, I spent another lunch break wandering among the daisies, with the sweet spring scent of wall flowers wafting by me. Bliss.
Everywhere you look there are daisies and more daisies, and who am I to complain.
The sun was shineing and the breeze was warm.
This riot of overplanting colour, shouting look at me, I love it.

Daisies, daisies as far as the eye can see, close up and in reflection.
And just in case you thought it was all daisies - here are some glowing euphorbia. I have been trying to get a snap of a euphorbia for ages, I love their shape and colour, but usualy I can't capture that perfect snap. The pic below is getting closer but still not quite there.

And just to finish things off yet another snap of Cape Kidnappers. This time through the cabbage trees of the miniture golf course.

12 September 2010

My own Cheshire cat

While I am working in the garden the cats are never far away. Ranna likes to water any holes I dig - don't think you want to see a picture of that. And Buffy likes to sit in the cabbage tree watching and occasionally chasing her own tail. This can be a bit a little dangerous and often ends up with her falling out of the tree.

Spring is in the air

Spring is well under way here in Hawkes Bay. With a promise of summer fruits to come. Tiny little fig buds on the fig trees.
Blossom on the plum tree. And at the end of a wonderful day working in the garden, the golden light filtering through to light up the plum trea.

Happy Tui

While working in the garden today I heard a lot of splashing. Looked over my shoulder and there was a very happy Tui having a bath in the gutter of next door's garage. I rushed in got my camera and tried to take a snap before he flew off. Not a great picture, but a great experience.

06 September 2010

Today's Lunch time Daisies

Today's riot of spring colour, collected at lunch time. I think that is enough daisies to keep me going for a while.

Amazing glowing clouds

While cooking dinner yesterday evening I noticed these amazing glowing wisps of clouds. I just had to drop everything and rush out with my camera. The dinner almost survivied - the cheese sauce for the cauliflower did have a couple of darker spots in it - I think I may have cunningly disguised them as ground pepper. Or perhaps not, who cares when you can look up and see sights like this.


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