31 March 2007

I have just been to see this brilliant film Hot Fuzz, starring Simon Pegg. I have not laughed so much for ages, the tears where running down my cheeks. There are a lot of guns and a lot of blood, all done in the best possible taste.

I would advise anyone with a sense of humor to see this film. If you like Spaced, Shaun of the dead or Black books you will love this film.

Thank you Simon Pegg for making me laugh yet again.

30 March 2007

Pumpkin watch for this week. I think the Pumpkin has reached its maximum size and is starting to change colour.
How do I know when it is ready? Is there a way you can tell. Please leave a comment if you know.

27 March 2007

Autumn down by the creek.

26 March 2007

Today's daisy is my latest TradeMe purchase. A Crown Lyn Shasta Daisy jug.

This is the other project I completed this weekend, replacing the overgrown Canna Lillies and Irisis outside our kitchen window. Behind all the groweth was a nice little Camelia, which never saw the light of day. I have replaced them with Lavenders I have grown from cuttings. I have used two different types of Lavender a french one and an english one, theoretically they should flower at slightly different times. Hopefully the Lavender will grow into little balls then cover the whole of the area under the two Camelias. I have also planted some dark purple Tulips and some Aliums between the Lavenders.

A bit minamilist for my usual gardening style. Maybe having a larger garden has changed my usual cram it all in style.

The first pic is a before image. The second was taken after two days of digging! The third is the finished result. By next summer it should be full with the lavenders in bloom.
P.S. No plants were lost, they have all been moved to other borders around the garden.
My latest leadlight project. I am replacing the windows in our bathroom and toilet to match the Front Door.

Before Picture.

Window before it was put in.

Did not get up quick enough on Saturday to get many misty morning snaps. By the time I walked to the top of the hill the mist had nearly cleared.

Our latest visitor.

23 March 2007


This weeks pic from Pumpkin Watch.

22 March 2007

We had a walk along the beach at Cape Kidnappers today. It was quiet, deserted, peaceful and in true Kiwi fashion awsome.

Some snaps of the cliffs at Cape Kidnappers. I have taken loads of snaps from a distance, but this was the first time I have been close up to them. They quite amazingly seem to be made up of mostly gravel. With small pebbles falling down all the time. Would not like to be there during an earthquake.

Peter and me with our feet in the Pacific ocean. We have been here 18months and I still can not get used to the fact that we live near the Pacific.

This is what happens when you do not pay attention to the sea while taking pictures.

A slightly bigger wave hits and you get your trousers soaked.

Sea grasses. I love these little fluffy grasses, like tiny chicks dancing in the wind.

Autumn in Havelock.

19 March 2007

I think this is a Protea, will have to look it up.

The view from my car window, while I was stuck in a traffic jam. Which lasted all of 5 mins would you belive it. The first jam for a very long time. Would have been happy to be stuck there for another few minutes.

Scary cat in a Cabbage Tree. Rana is just a big softy really.

18 March 2007

It was the Tremains triathalon today. I did the 5k walk bit. I was the first walker back, or should I say no walkers passed me. Sounds good, but I was the first walker out, so not quite that good.
The relevance of the daisy is that it was growing just beside the course. No, I did not stop to take the pic, I took it before we started. Viki our cyclist would not let me take my camera with me.

I am not sure what this is called, Para Surfing perhaps. Taken at West Shore Napier.

17 March 2007

We have just been to see "The Science of Sleep". An interesting film. I really enjoyed the cinematography, the shots of Paris (at least I thought it was Paris) , the sound of different languages and the cool models (the cardboard and fabric kind I mean). The story was a bit predictable and stilted. At no time during the film did I feel involved, which is really unusual for me.
The website for this film is well worth a visit. http://wip.warnerbros.com/scienceofsleep/

I took these weird cloud formation pictures this morning. You are probably thinking, yeah yeah just clouds. But we do not see a lot of clouds in Hawkes Bay.

16 March 2007

We have just had a visitor. Brought in by our cat Buffy.
Peter carefully trapped Buffy and the mouse in the washing basket. Buffy stayed in the washing basket. The mouse just strolled out through the gaps!
By that time our youngest heard the hue and cry and joined in. Poor little mouse ran all over the house, under the beds, under the wardrobe, in the walkin cupboard. Followed by Buffy, Peter, my youngest and me.
Eventually it lept in the box held by Peter, probably to escape my youngest who was bouncing around the walls by then. We released it back into the wild, hopefully not tooo traumatised.

Today''s Daisies.
Remember last weeks pumpkin.
We have had some rain this week and it has grown to over double its size. Maybe I should start a new blog called Pumpkin Watch, with daily updates. Or is it just me who is getting over excited about my first ever pumpkin.

My son's class have been studying Monarch Butterflies. Here are a couple of snaps of the Caterpillars, the Chrysalis and finally the Butterfly its self.


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