26 March 2007

This is the other project I completed this weekend, replacing the overgrown Canna Lillies and Irisis outside our kitchen window. Behind all the groweth was a nice little Camelia, which never saw the light of day. I have replaced them with Lavenders I have grown from cuttings. I have used two different types of Lavender a french one and an english one, theoretically they should flower at slightly different times. Hopefully the Lavender will grow into little balls then cover the whole of the area under the two Camelias. I have also planted some dark purple Tulips and some Aliums between the Lavenders.

A bit minamilist for my usual gardening style. Maybe having a larger garden has changed my usual cram it all in style.

The first pic is a before image. The second was taken after two days of digging! The third is the finished result. By next summer it should be full with the lavenders in bloom.
P.S. No plants were lost, they have all been moved to other borders around the garden.

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