25 April 2012

Today's visitor

 I think that Peter can be forgiven for thinking that there was a bit of stick stuck on the back of his chair.

24 April 2012

From Art Deco to Art Demo

Napier is known as an Art Deco city. Each year there are Art Deco inspired events,  Art Deco tours and Art Deco costume shops.  There are even everyday Art Deco inspired clothing shops.  I had to laugh when I saw this sign on a very large demolition site.

23 April 2012

Sea, flames, bread, sausages and marshmallows

 What better to do on a sunny Autumn afternoon than to head down to the beach for great views.
And fires made my real men.  Well they gathered the fuel for the fire, and a log to sit on.
Sausages cooking.
Bread cooking.
And no pictures of Marshmallows cooking because I was too busy eating them.

22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day.  We had a very quick trip out to Urban Green Living in Havelock North.  An amazing urban garden.   Do go have a look at the website it explains more than I can.
Every bit of space is put to good use, including a bee hive on the balcony, where tomato plants grow out of the bottom of hanging buckets.
Grass powered lawn mowing device.  Just have to be careful its only the lawn gets mowed.

One day we will have one of these, maybe I could get Peter a place on one of the Pizza Oven building courses for his birthday.
Even the mail box has a green roof and the verge is planted with sweet corn and pumpkins.  I have to say the chickens basking in the sun under the raspberries are the fattest, healthiest chickens I have seen in ages.  Peter is very keen to have hens in our garden, I am not so sure and still need a bit of convincing.

16 April 2012

Autumn Days

 Yesterday was an amazing Hawkes Bay Autumn day.   The first time in ages I have been able to get out for a walk with my camera. 
I thought you might like to join me.
 You would have thought it was Spring with all the wildlife that was floating around.
 The sky was the most amazing shades of blue and the gum trees look incredible against it.
 Even my new camera does not capture how amazing they look.

 It was like a disney movie with all the butterflies fluttering around our heads.
 If you look closely at the bottom of the Pampas grass you can see a tiny little bird enjoying the sun shine too.

12 April 2012

Best Picture

I think this is the best picture I have taken. Yay, I love my new camera.

I thought the Easter Bunny had forgotten me

The Easter Bunny forgot to leave me any chocolate or so I thought. Until yesterday I found he had left me this road kill chocolate bunny four days late. It still tasted great, even thought there were bits missing.


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