28 October 2009


You can't visit Christchurch with out visiting Akaroa.

Quite a long but very beautiful drive.
Akaroa is very pretty. But I think I expected more and was a bit disapointed. In all the guide books they keep going on about the French roots of Akaroa. Aside from the street names it did not come over to me as French, to me personally. It might have been the fact that I was cold and tired. Maybe on a warm day I might have been more inspired.


The cathedral.
Looking up the cathedral tower.
The view down from the Cathedral tower.

Pictures by Peter.

13 October 2009

Stage Two - A night in Picton

We were all exausted with travelling by the time we got off the ferry. I was so glad we had this beautiful and luxurious apartment to stay in. A perfect place to relax and chill out.
Peter had his teabags and milk unpacked in minutes.
The view out over Picton. A real Kiwi sight.

And across the marina looking up the valley, looks great doesn't it.
Until you change the camera angle a bit. It was not too bad the apartment is double glazed and we did not get much noise from the workmen.
Some more views out over the Marlbourgh Sound from Picton.
So beautiful.

And so, so calm.

12 October 2009

Starting our South Island Journey

We are just back from a trip to the South Island. After being here for four years I thought it was time we saw some more of New Zealand. So of we went on a very cold, wet and grey day. Our first ferry trip across the Cook Straight.
The scenary was brooding and grey and magnificent.
Peter stayed out on deck, being wind swept. Trying to stave off the sea sickness.
The sea was choppy but not too bad.

After what seemed like a long time the South Island and the Marlbourgh Sounds appeared out of the greyness.
And the sun started to breakthrough the clouds.

First sight of Picton our destination.
Peter soaking up the sun.
The first part of the journey almost over. We had booked into an apartment in Picton for the night, for a good rest, we all needed it. More of the south island tomorrow.

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung here. Lots of blossom and a lot of wet weather. I loved the way the petals have stuck to the sculpture.

Central Hawkes Bay

On Peter's birthday we went for a drive down to Central Hawkes Bay. Here are some of my pics.

We had breakfast at The Paper Mulberry. Minnie is there so the waitress knows which table to deliver our food too, so much nicer than a number.


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