19 June 2011

Amazing what a little bit of ash does .........

Half way around the world a volcano throws out ash. Causing havoc to airlines from here to there. Making the most amazing moonrise,

moon set and

fiery sunsets.

12 June 2011

Crafty projects

You may be wondering why I have not been posting any crafty posts recently. There are two reasons. Reason number one - is I am working on a secret project, you can see a little glimpse of it above. Reason number two - is I have been using up all my crafty creativity over here.

Some more winter garden colour

The quince is flowering at the moment. As the last rays of the sun fall on it in the late afternoon, it looks like there is a fire in the heart of the bush.


From tree to basket -

from basket to plate.

Vintage bargains

On my lunchtime walks through Napier I like to wander around the op (charity) shops and junk shops. It is amazing how many I originally wanted the picture above for the black frame and cream mount. The picture itself has kind of grown on me, I think I will leave it there for a while.
How could I resist this pair of dotty lovelies. I wish I had spotted them a before my birthday party.

More sunset.................

Beautiful sunset, looked almost as if a huge red planet was sliding past us.

09 June 2011

Today's daisies and some extras

Here are a few of the daisies that are flowering in my garden at the moment.

The dual images are inspired by one of my favorite blogs at the moment, Fryd. I don't have her knack for taking amazing images yet, but maybe one day.

I could not resist including these other extras. Not daisies but amazingly beautiful, especially for bursting into bloom in winter.

06 June 2011

Its hard to believe its winter

Yesterday was an amazingly sunny, warm day - 21 centigrade. Hard to believe that its already 5 days in to winter.
The little oriental magnolia at the front door is confused. It is still hanging on to its autumn leaves, but its spring flowers are starting to pop out.
These pretty starry shaped narcissus look so cute. But don't be fooled, don't go to close and do not ever bring them into your house. Why? They stink, they really, really stink. I think I could describe the scent as a cross between cow yard poo smell and the smell you get from somebody who has a really stinking blocked up snotty nose. Cow poo snot. Not something you want to scent your house with.


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