06 June 2011

Its hard to believe its winter

Yesterday was an amazingly sunny, warm day - 21 centigrade. Hard to believe that its already 5 days in to winter.
The little oriental magnolia at the front door is confused. It is still hanging on to its autumn leaves, but its spring flowers are starting to pop out.
These pretty starry shaped narcissus look so cute. But don't be fooled, don't go to close and do not ever bring them into your house. Why? They stink, they really, really stink. I think I could describe the scent as a cross between cow yard poo smell and the smell you get from somebody who has a really stinking blocked up snotty nose. Cow poo snot. Not something you want to scent your house with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to be summer here, but some days it's cold enough still to be winter!!


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