30 June 2008

Art happens and today's daisies

While trying to recover from jet lag Peter and I decided to go and see an exhibition at the Hawkes Bay Museum in Napier, "Idle hands are the Devil's Workshop ". If I had stayed at home I would have fallen asleep. The exhibiton was of two creative people, Frank Butler's quilts ...
..... and Mrs Lilla Esam, who made banners from her stamp collection.

An amazing thought provoking exhibition. Again I have to credit Peter with the words. Art happens, if the creativity is there within you it will find a way out. People will use what ever they have at hand to produce the most amazing work.
I was so inspired by the quilts, I wanted to rush home and do some quilting. It also made me think about labeling my own quilts.

Another Exhibition - Speaking Truth To Power - John Reynolds

Peter described this installation, at Hawkes Bay Museum in Napier, as if you had wandered into a meeting room when everyone had gone for coffee. I think he hit the nail on the head.

And even more exhibitions and daisies

More daisies in this the third exhibition at Hawkes Bay Museum. Their full collection of fine art. Every single picture in the collection is out on show. I think perhaps you need to visit more that once to get the full impact.
Usually I don't like portraits, but for some reason I love this one, no idea why.

French Knitting

Peter and I were getting crafty this morning. We saw this notice in the window of the back entrance to Hawkes Bay Museum.There were a couple of chairs set up so you can sit down and do a bit of french knitting. What a cool idea. Peter and I sat down and started to knit. Peter's first time at French Knitting, it took all of 30 seconds for him to get the idea.
Here is the rug that inspired the French Knitting project. Know all I need to know is how to join together the long strings of French Knitting. Please leave a comment if you know how.

Movies, movies and more movies

I am just back from a quick trip to the UK, of which I will post more in the next couple of days. I am tired and slightly jet lagged from all the flying. Thank goodness that you can watch movies now on long haul flights. Here is a quick list of the movies I watched.

Jumpers - Ok action movie.

27 Dresses - Again ok romantic comedy. But this is such an over used romantic comedy plot. Girl meets boy that she is not really attracted too, boy tries to get to know girl for ulterior motive (no not the obvious one), girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, the ulterior motive is revealed, girl betrayed rushes off upset, boy does dramatic gestior to get girl back. We have all seen this before in countless films, but still enjoyable.

Vantage Point - Again ok action movie.

Juno - Movie about a pregnant teenager finding parents for her child. Brilliant the best movie I watched.

Annie Liebovitz: Life through a lens - Excellent documentary about the photographer Annie Liebovitz.

St Trinians - As a big fan of the original St Trinians I was unsure about watching this one. Thankfully it turned out to be OK, not great but OK.

Cleaner - Very, very gory, not for the squeamish. Again I enjoyed this one, but the plot was a bit obvious. Right from the start I knew who had committed the crime.

Definitely Maybe - A bit cheesy. Always difficult for cute kids in romantic movies not to end up cheesy. Even so I would recommend watching this if you have some time to kill.

Bucket List - I had heard a lot of good things about this film. I didn't find it that good, but that could have been because I was so totally exhausted when I watched it. I found it a bit boring and again a bit of an obvious plot. I like some good twists and turns in my movies.

The first photo above was taken of the moon over the tip of the aeroplane's wing at dawn as we flew over Afganhistan. The pic below is of early morning mists over New Zealand, somewhere in the Taupo area. You will be able to see more of these pics on my Picasa Web Albums soon.

18 June 2008

My Latest Project

I have finished my latest project and just in time. We are off back to the UK for a week. The flights are organised, the taxi is booked, suitcases packed and a lovely lady is coming to look after the cats, guineas and the house. We are all prepared. Have you guessed what the bag is for yet?
Usually I use the boring bag above in my back pack when I am travelling.
My latest project is a nice cute bag for carrying my lap top in my back pack. I don't see why I have to carry it in a boring black bag. Why do most computer accessories have to be so masculine. I would love a lap top with a flowery exterior.

Strange Translation

I am not a domestic goddess at all, and I never ever check labels before washing things. Peter has a lot of very small jumpers. For some strange reason when I was about to iron my lovely super soft new top I thought I should check the label. I was suprised with the fabric content, is the label correct or has there been something lost in translation.
Do they really make t-shirts out of Bamboo in China.

15 June 2008

This is ........... my creative space

This is my creative space under the bed in the spare room. I used to have the whole room, but Peter has sneaked his desk in and has acquired a small corner. Have a look over here to see some other creative spaces.
I bet you will never guess what I am working on at the moment.

14 June 2008

Day Five a Day Late

Sorry for posting one day late, my camera battery gave up on me yesterday and it takes hours to recharge it. I did check out getting a back up battery but at $149 I think I will give it a miss.

12 June 2008

Today's Daisies #53

Today's daisies aren't even on my blog, but you have just got to check out these cuties. I found them when browsing tablecloths and could take them all home at the drop of a hat.

Day Four - Ginghams, Checks and Tartans

Day four in a Week of Decoration is ginghams, checks and tartans. I think I need more gingham around my life, it certainly brings a smile to your face. Go and have a look over a Button Beauty and tell me you did not smile at those great pics. I have a hankering for a red gingham tablecloth, just like the one that Nicky at Vintage Magpie has. And while we are on the subject of my wish list I would like a pale blue and white gingham one as well as the red and white gingham. If anyone knows where I can find gingham of a decent weight at a reasonable price please leave a comment.

I have just realised where my inspiration for the lead light in my front door came from. Its a Rubic Cube. I also realised that for somebody with Scottish ancestory I have no tartan in my house at all. Perhaps when we visit Edinburgh in a few weeks time I should buy myself a tartan tea towel.

11 June 2008

Day Three - Hearts and Stars and Today's Daisy #53

Today's shapes are Hearts and Stars. I have cheated a little by including a star shaped Daisy, but I am sure you will forgive me. You can also check out here what Jess at Button Beauty has posted. I am looking forward to Checks, Ginghams and Tartans tomorrow.
The little star anise always make me think of my hubbie, he loves the smell of them. If you are ever in Boldersons Urban Food Store in Havelock North and you see a guy sitting in the corner with his coffee sniffing a small bag, don't worry he is only checking out the smell of some star anise.
The New Zealand flag is courtesy of Making our Mark.

10 June 2008

Day Two Stripes and Lines

Day two - Stripes and Lines.

09 June 2008

Spots, Dots, Circles and Spirals and today's daisy #52

The first day of a week of decoration - Spots, Dots, Circles and Spirals. Tomorrow is stripes and lines.

Jess over at Button Beauty is also going to join in.

08 June 2008

A week of Decoration

After enjoying "A week of colour" so much I would like to have a week of decoration, starting tomorrow. For each day there will be a theme and I will post a pic or two that I have taken that day to match the theme.
Monday ............ I would like to start with dots, spots, spirals and circles.
Tuesday ........... Stripes and lines.
Wednesday ....... Hearts and stars.
Thursday .......... Checks, ginghams and tartans.
Friday ............. Motifs, for example the little crown on the posey label above.
If you would like to join in please leave a comment and I will link to your blog. If you want to join in later in the week no problem. Or if you would like to just do one post on Friday that is also fine. Fingers crossed that I don't have to play by myself.

Winter and Today's Daisies #51

First of all apologies for this very long post, there were just too many pics to include.

Winter has arrived on my doorstep.
The southerly winds we have been having have brought some sharp frosts and whipped the leaves from the trees.
Hawk circleing in a wintery sky.
Its snowing on the ranges
Autumn colour has disapeared from the trees.
But if you look closley there are still Daisies.
The first Daffodils have bloomed.
At home there are welcoming, hearty, warming meals. Actually I did not even get a taste of this one. Peter ate it all, I just had baked potatoe and salad, but the pic fits the theme.
And the best bit of winter sitting in front of a warm fire doing some quilting.

This is ... my favourite travel memory

Before I start with the "this is" topic this week, I have to make a confession. I am a little short on travel pics. I keep saying that we have not had time to travel, or the spare finances. But the real truth is I find flying a very difficult experience and will go a very long way to avoid it if I can. I was going to say that I have got over this stupid, irational fear in the last few years. But that is not the case, I have just learned to face up to it rather than avoid it. Because of this I have not done as much travelling as I would like to do. At the end of this post is a rather long list of places I would like to visit and someday perhaps I will.

Three years ago Peter and I visited Barcelona on our honeymoon. I loved it especially Park Guell by Antonio Gaudi. I love Gaudi's work it is so organic and dare I say over the top, just incredible.
The detail around the windows of what has become the gift shop is beautiful . Peter just pointed out, when he was reading this post over my shoulder, that the window looks like it is set in a quilted wall. Maybe that is where my love of this style comes from. Below a close up of the ceramic mosaics that cover Park Gaul. I wondered did they use tiles that were broken already or did they buy in these tiles then break them. I love little ceramic tiles in this style, and have a tiny collection of tiles in my sewing room.
Here is a list of the places I would really like to visit,

Syracuse in Sicily, Vietnam, Japan, China, US New England for the fall and California to visit Katherine, Sweden, Norway, Amsterdam, Australia, Madrid, Alaska, Canada, Prague, Budapest, Florence, Switzerland again, France for an extended stay of perhaps a year, India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Chile, Peru, Rarotonga, Moscow and off course the South Island of New Zealand. This list is just for starters. If anyone with a large family would like a house swap to New Zealand in the next few years. Just let me know.

Some of the above countries I would like to take a train journey through. I am not a train enthusiast, but would like to see the countryside in that way. Just getting off at some stops and then getting back on a couple of days later. I saw an ad for a holiday recently that went through China and Russia via train, and it sparked my imagination.

06 June 2008

Almost New Moon

This evenings sliver of a moon in a winter sky.

The possiblities are endless

Here is a better shot of that fabric I got yesterday. It makes a good table cloth I think, I will put a plain border around it to give it a bit of depth. Then what to do with the rest ... Pyjama bottoms, Cushions for the cane chairs on the veranda, Curtains for the kitchen, use it to back a quilt .... this list could go on and on and on and all for just $3 per metre.

05 June 2008

Another Fabric Bargain

I found this gorgeous fabric at spotlight today, for only $3 a meter, that is less than £1 a meter for my UK readers. I love the blue background with little dots and roses. Sorry about the blurry pic.

Spotty Tea Cosy

I have made a start on the Suffolk puff tea cosy. I decided that I would use spotty fabrics. Peter is the tea jenny in our family and I didn't think he would appreciate a flowery tea cosy. Nine little puffs made, 101 to go.

03 June 2008

Leaves, Bubbles and Reflections

While taking a pic of this leaf in a bucket, I managed to catch this drip, as it splashed in.
If you look very carefully you can see the reflection of me and my camera in the bubble.


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