01 June 2008

These are ...... my pets

"This is...." for this week was sugested by Kyla over at Two Peas in a Pod. I thought I should start with all seven guinea pigs. Yes, I know there are 9 photos in the mosaic, some Guineas appear twice. They are Scatter, Fudge, Coco and Candy the girls. Caramello, Terry and Ray the boys.

We also have two cats, twin sisters that we got from the cat rescue people and brought them with us from the UK. in the first pic of Rana, she looks so cute sitting here on the window sill.

Until she turns around and you can clearly see the mouse hunter that she is.
Buffy wasn't keen on getting her picture taken and tried to hide behind this leaf.
In this shot there seems to be a ghostly person watching us from the kitchen window.

But at last I managed to distract her so I could get a better shot.

My youngest son would like me to point out that all these pets actually belong to him. Though we all know who feeds them and cleans them out.


CurlyPops said...

I love the photo of the kitty cat licking his chops....very cute!

Serena said...

ooh, Guinea Pigs.. they're ace. And the cats are gorgeous too!!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous photos of your pets.
Ummm I know what you mean about the feeding and cleaning ;)


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