30 June 2008

French Knitting

Peter and I were getting crafty this morning. We saw this notice in the window of the back entrance to Hawkes Bay Museum.There were a couple of chairs set up so you can sit down and do a bit of french knitting. What a cool idea. Peter and I sat down and started to knit. Peter's first time at French Knitting, it took all of 30 seconds for him to get the idea.
Here is the rug that inspired the French Knitting project. Know all I need to know is how to join together the long strings of French Knitting. Please leave a comment if you know how.


Nicola said...

Just noticed that there are daisies on the rug in the first pic.

JustJess said...

Wow - isn't that amazing!? I guess it's machine sewed over the top of the knitting? Would need to examine it maybe to see - pretty incredible use of French Knitting though


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