08 June 2008

This is ... my favourite travel memory

Before I start with the "this is" topic this week, I have to make a confession. I am a little short on travel pics. I keep saying that we have not had time to travel, or the spare finances. But the real truth is I find flying a very difficult experience and will go a very long way to avoid it if I can. I was going to say that I have got over this stupid, irational fear in the last few years. But that is not the case, I have just learned to face up to it rather than avoid it. Because of this I have not done as much travelling as I would like to do. At the end of this post is a rather long list of places I would like to visit and someday perhaps I will.

Three years ago Peter and I visited Barcelona on our honeymoon. I loved it especially Park Guell by Antonio Gaudi. I love Gaudi's work it is so organic and dare I say over the top, just incredible.
The detail around the windows of what has become the gift shop is beautiful . Peter just pointed out, when he was reading this post over my shoulder, that the window looks like it is set in a quilted wall. Maybe that is where my love of this style comes from. Below a close up of the ceramic mosaics that cover Park Gaul. I wondered did they use tiles that were broken already or did they buy in these tiles then break them. I love little ceramic tiles in this style, and have a tiny collection of tiles in my sewing room.
Here is a list of the places I would really like to visit,

Syracuse in Sicily, Vietnam, Japan, China, US New England for the fall and California to visit Katherine, Sweden, Norway, Amsterdam, Australia, Madrid, Alaska, Canada, Prague, Budapest, Florence, Switzerland again, France for an extended stay of perhaps a year, India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Chile, Peru, Rarotonga, Moscow and off course the South Island of New Zealand. This list is just for starters. If anyone with a large family would like a house swap to New Zealand in the next few years. Just let me know.

Some of the above countries I would like to take a train journey through. I am not a train enthusiast, but would like to see the countryside in that way. Just getting off at some stops and then getting back on a couple of days later. I saw an ad for a holiday recently that went through China and Russia via train, and it sparked my imagination.


Laura said...

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Lisa said...

We went to Barcelona as part of our honeymoon and fell in love with Park Guell and all things Gaudi. Those mosaics were just amazing.

I love the shapes of Gaudi's world too.

I had a family member take the train through China to Russia. Thoroughly loved it.

Have you considered cruising? We did a transatlantic one as part of our honeymoon and I would do it again in a second. We are looking at Dubai to Singapore for our next one.

Ok probably my longest comments on a blog ever. Better stop now.

Maureen said...

I used to stress a lot more about travel even when the world was an easier, safer place to travel in. But I've learned to let a lot more go...and relax into the journey. My dh is a tremendous calmer-downer.

You do have a long list of maybe places so I guess it's time to get cracking! (if you really want to)


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