12 June 2008

Day Four - Ginghams, Checks and Tartans

Day four in a Week of Decoration is ginghams, checks and tartans. I think I need more gingham around my life, it certainly brings a smile to your face. Go and have a look over a Button Beauty and tell me you did not smile at those great pics. I have a hankering for a red gingham tablecloth, just like the one that Nicky at Vintage Magpie has. And while we are on the subject of my wish list I would like a pale blue and white gingham one as well as the red and white gingham. If anyone knows where I can find gingham of a decent weight at a reasonable price please leave a comment.

I have just realised where my inspiration for the lead light in my front door came from. Its a Rubic Cube. I also realised that for somebody with Scottish ancestory I have no tartan in my house at all. Perhaps when we visit Edinburgh in a few weeks time I should buy myself a tartan tea towel.

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