06 June 2008

The possiblities are endless

Here is a better shot of that fabric I got yesterday. It makes a good table cloth I think, I will put a plain border around it to give it a bit of depth. Then what to do with the rest ... Pyjama bottoms, Cushions for the cane chairs on the veranda, Curtains for the kitchen, use it to back a quilt .... this list could go on and on and on and all for just $3 per metre.


SWEET MARY said...

Its beautiful - how about pillow slips - I'm sure P wouldn't mind!

Nicola said...

Oh yes he would. He would moan and moan and moan. I can only get away with the smallest of daisies on our pillow slips.

JustJess said...

Fantastic find Nic -it looks great as a tablecloth - you can admire it all the time that way! I'm with Sweet Mary - I have made myself some girly pillowcases from fave soft cottony fabrics, and hubby just has the plain ones!


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