08 June 2008

Winter and Today's Daisies #51

First of all apologies for this very long post, there were just too many pics to include.

Winter has arrived on my doorstep.
The southerly winds we have been having have brought some sharp frosts and whipped the leaves from the trees.
Hawk circleing in a wintery sky.
Its snowing on the ranges
Autumn colour has disapeared from the trees.
But if you look closley there are still Daisies.
The first Daffodils have bloomed.
At home there are welcoming, hearty, warming meals. Actually I did not even get a taste of this one. Peter ate it all, I just had baked potatoe and salad, but the pic fits the theme.
And the best bit of winter sitting in front of a warm fire doing some quilting.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

What beautiful images of winter.

I did not realise that daffodils bloomed so early in the season.

Love the shot of your fire.


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