28 November 2006

A nice sunny daisy for a nice sunny day.

At last I have my own sewing room. We built an extra room when Peter's mum came to stay, which my eldest son moved into. Now that she has gone he does not want to move back to his old room. So I have grabbed it. It is really good to be able to put out my sewing things and leave them there, instead of having to get everything out then clear up each time I want to do a bit of sewing.

26 November 2006

The first day lilly in my garden this year.

Some flowers from my morning walk.
If you look really, really closely you can see a Tui feeding on a flax flower, honestly. Click the image to open a larger version of the picture.
A couple of views from my walk this morning. Although it is only the begining of summer the hills are already turning brown they are so dry.

Stage three of the side garden renovation, the fence is painted. It looks really good. But I forgot about stage four, digging out the last of the Bamboo!

Ducks beside the stream at the bottom of the garden.

24 November 2006

Last nights sunset at the back of the garden.

Thought I better post a daisy pic, it's a while since the last one.

Stage Two of the side garden renovation. The fence is up. Next stage is painting the fence. Then I can start on the fun bit, as soon as the remaining bamboo is killed off. The fun bit is the planting, so watch this space.

Three weeks ago there was no bamboo here. Now it is nearly as tall as me. Hopefully the Amitrol will kill if off. If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of bamboo, short of getting a couple of Pandas, please let me know.

Fejoa flowers from the tree in our garden.

20 November 2006

A couple of views from my morning walk. Can you spot Te Mata the sleeping giant in the second view. Te Mata was a giant that wanted to marry a Maori chief's daughter. Before she would agree to marry him, she asked him to eat his way through the mountain. In his rush he bit off to much, choked and fell down dead.

A beautiful flower taken at Kierunga.
This is a pic of Peter with our youngest son, who is just a blur, taken while we were on holiday at Lake Taupo. Says it all doesn't it.

The maori rock carvings on Lake Taupo.

Last weekend we had a short holiday in Taupo, here are some of the pictures.
The first is the house we stayed in.
The view from the house over the lake to Taupo.
The view of the house from the lake.
Duck on the lake edge taken by my eldest son.
Peter's Mum has been here with us in NZ for four weeks on holiday. We have had a great time, I hope she did too. Here are some of the highlights of her visit.
Arriving at Napier Airport like a film star.

On top of the world on Te Mata peak.
My Birthday tea in the garden.

Lunch at the Black Barn our favourite restaurant.

Tea and tinies in Napier the day before she went home.

01 November 2006

Its my birthday today! Here are some of the cards I got (guess what they mostly have daisies on them). Also a pic of the bunch of daisies I got from Peter's mum.

(click image to see a bigger version)


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