30 October 2011

Today's Projects

Today, in between ironing, cleaning bathrooms, washing, making hats and pillowcases for Coulter & Coulter, I actually managed to get a couple of my own projects done. I decided I wanted to use for myself one of the vintage furnishing fabrics I acquired for Coulter & Coulter. I dithered a bit about what to make, cushions or a skirt. In the end I managed with a bit of pattern squishing to get one skirt, see below, and two cushion fronts cut out and ready to sew. The first item of clothing I have made for myself for years and years. I really enjoyed drafting the pattern from scratch and having it turn out exactly as I wanted. Now if there was an easy way to get rid of my spare tyres live would be slightly more perfect.
I also had time to sew up another cushion I have had cut out ready to go for weeks. The fabric I used is the last piece of one of my favourite Ikea fabrics.

That really can't be that comfortable!

At my front door is a wood basket full of twisty willow twigs. This morning there seemed to be a bit of a commotion out there. I could not see anything when I first glanced to see what was going on.
Then something in the bottom of the basket twitched. Mad Rana the cat had decided to sleep in among the twigs, almost as if she had made herself a nest, daft cat.

28 October 2011

Evening Stroll

I love this time of year when the evenings draw out, and I can go for a walk after clearing the tea dishes.

Pretty Little Things

On my treks around Op Shops looking for bargains, I have come across a couple of pretty little things. Which I have to sneak into our house. The first one is a very useful pretty thing. Only $2 for the pretty tin box full of pencils.
The second one is a neat little Italian trinket box another $2.
And to match the trinket box, found in a totally different Op Shop, a tiny little thing for putting my earrings in.
And last but not least, a tiny little jug from Holy Island. I could not resist. Who would have thought that, in an Op Shop in Napier, I would find a jug all the way from Northumberland. Another $2.


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