30 October 2011

Today's Projects

Today, in between ironing, cleaning bathrooms, washing, making hats and pillowcases for Coulter & Coulter, I actually managed to get a couple of my own projects done. I decided I wanted to use for myself one of the vintage furnishing fabrics I acquired for Coulter & Coulter. I dithered a bit about what to make, cushions or a skirt. In the end I managed with a bit of pattern squishing to get one skirt, see below, and two cushion fronts cut out and ready to sew. The first item of clothing I have made for myself for years and years. I really enjoyed drafting the pattern from scratch and having it turn out exactly as I wanted. Now if there was an easy way to get rid of my spare tyres live would be slightly more perfect.
I also had time to sew up another cushion I have had cut out ready to go for weeks. The fabric I used is the last piece of one of my favourite Ikea fabrics.


SWEET MARY said...

Really nice fabrics Nic and the skirt looks great.

Jo Norman said...

I love that IKEA fabric. Always find they have some really great designs and so reasonably priced ... just wish I could sew like you!

Nicola said...

Thank you for the comment. It was one of my last bits of Ikea fabric, I just wish I could get more. Unfortunately there is no Ikea in New Zealand so all I can do is just look on the web and wish. The day they open a New Zealand branch I will be first in the queue.


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