21 June 2009

Winter Sunshine

A trip to work on a sunny winters morning.
Past lots of vinyards.
I love the colour of the morning light on the bare winter trees.

20 June 2009


Walking to my car from work, I noticed these shadows of leaves on the pavement.

Misty Winter's Morning

It's almost midwinter here.
The sun rises late in the mornings at the moment.
And shines through the morning mists.
Very photogenically.
My son was doing the driving giving me a chance to take photos.

My Shiney New Friend

After being dishwasherless for two years, we have got a new one at last. Meet my shiney new friend in the kitchen. Two drawers work well for my family, they are always after snacks, and making more and more dishes. Now when one drawer is working they can fill up the other one. And I don't have to wash dishes anymore. Hooray.

How did she get up there?

How did she get up there? Do I really want to know?

08 June 2009

Roaring in like a Lion

Winter has arrived in Hawkes Bay. It has come roaring in. We have even had snow on Te Mata Peak. A very rare happening.
In the few years we have lived here we have not had frost at this time of year. This year I have had to defrost my car on a number of mornings now.

So good to be able to come into the warm with a lovley wood fire. The few below is not from my lounge. It is Keriann's. She invited us round for a lovley afternoon tea last week on the Queen's birthday holiday. Have a look over here to see the lovely food she served up.

Hopefully winter will leave like a lamb, roll on spring time.

Winter Boots

At the end of last winter I bought this pair of boots very, very, very cheaply in the sales. They were reduced by $200! I really, really love them. I have been waiting all year to wear them. The thought almost makes winter bearable.
But then I fell over and broke my ankle. It will be ok I thought, plenty of winter left after I get the plaster off. What I did not think of was the fact that my ankle would be swollen for quite a long time after the plaster comes off. The doctor mentioned a whole year before the swelling went down.

Thankfully that is not the case. I have been wriggling my ankle at every opportunity. And my boots fit, I can wear them at last.


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