15 March 2007

Scary pic or what. Yes, believe it or not this is my number for this weekends triathlon! No, I am not doing the whole thing, I am just doing the walking bit. Two other colleagues are doing the swim bit and the cycling bit. I am doing the 5k walk, which should be a doddle if not a slow doddle.
Main worry is that Josh our swimmer is quite good, so is starting among the fast swimmers. Which means the rest of the team are streamed in with the other fast teams. As the walking bit is last, I will have to stand waiting for my cyclist with the other fast runners and will look a little out of place. My very caring hubby (huh) said "Do not worry the thin runners will all be jealous and say you are cheating as there are two of you"!!!!! Meaning I am twice their size. And he thought this was a compliment. Boy has he got a lot of making up to do.

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