13 September 2010

Today's Exuberence of Spring Daisies

Thanks to Napier City's planting schemes, I spent another lunch break wandering among the daisies, with the sweet spring scent of wall flowers wafting by me. Bliss.
Everywhere you look there are daisies and more daisies, and who am I to complain.
The sun was shineing and the breeze was warm.
This riot of overplanting colour, shouting look at me, I love it.

Daisies, daisies as far as the eye can see, close up and in reflection.
And just in case you thought it was all daisies - here are some glowing euphorbia. I have been trying to get a snap of a euphorbia for ages, I love their shape and colour, but usualy I can't capture that perfect snap. The pic below is getting closer but still not quite there.

And just to finish things off yet another snap of Cape Kidnappers. This time through the cabbage trees of the miniture golf course.

1 comment:

SWEET MARY said...

A fantastic riot of colour.


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