30 March 2008

This is .......... the contents of my handbag.

This is the contents of my handbag. Well technically this is just the handbag its contents are below, but I just felt I needed to say something about it first. I love my handbag, I have been using the same one for three years. I do not want to change it, I have not found another day to day bag I like as much. It is also operates a bit like Dr Who's tardis. It can take all the objects below and still leave room for a couple of apples, a paperback book, a can of coke and what ever treasures that my youngest has found that day. What I found in my bag today is........ Three pens and a pen lid. My phone. My umbrella, even though it has not really rained here for about 6 weeks, you can take the girl away from scotland but you can't get her to believe that it won't rain everyday. My phone with a flat battery as usual. A fridge magnet from the vets, needed when the guinea pig was pregnant in case of complications! A pile of rubbish, old recipts, tissues, lottery tickets, empty headache tablet pack and the empty packet of chocolate raisins I scoffed at the pictures yesterday. A tape measure incase I need to measure anything in an emergency. Lipstick I never use. Purse and coin purse, again never used. An invaluable notebook, would be lost with out it. Two lucky book club leaflets that I forgot to complete and hand in for my youngest, oops bad Mummy again. My ipod shuffle, so cool to be able to listen to when I am walking. And last of all my prize possession my camera I have going anywhere with out it, actually a bit of a cheat it is just case as I am using the camera to take the pic. Oh and I forgot the chewing gum. I think that is all, and thanks for the brill suggestion, one way of getting me to clear out my handbag at last. Do you know there is not a single daisy in there, I will have to rectify this some how, any suggestions.


CurlyPops said...

Maybe you could make some zipper pouches in a daisy print fabric to hold tissues, panadol, chewy etc or even to use for loose change.

Hazel said...

Hi Nicola,
I am so glad I popped into your blog this morning as it made me chuckle :D What would us ladies do without our 'tardis' handbags? I have recently taken to carrying around a wicker basket with my 4 year old handbag inside! This accommodates library books, sunglasses and pieces of fruit. Even my cat Archie has been known to sneak inside. He thinks I won't notice!
You could pop a 'pressed' daisy inside a note book (What, you don't have a notebook in there?)

Brenda Kula said...

I have two handbags. Everyone else I know have many. I took most of mine to the Salvation Army. Just got dusty in the closet. I always have a couple of "chosen" ones, and the rest? Somebody else can be carrying instead of collecting dust in my closet. Isn't it always interesting to see what any given woman carries in her bag?

Annie said...

Wow, that is a lot of stuff. Sounds like you have eveything you need Dr Who! I love it when you have a really special bag you love.


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