01 April 2008

Sunsets #1

Just after tea time tonight, I noticed the sun set looked like it was going to be a good one. So I dashed out and took so many pics thought I would share them with you. One day I will live in a house where you can see the sunrise and the sunset. For the moment I live in a house down in a dip surrounded by trees, and I love my house, so probably we will just stay here and I will have to have my walking shoes ready to rush out.

It was kind of cool to walk home at dusk to see my house looking glowing and cosy at the bottom of the drive. There was even one of the kids waiting to greet me, well actually he was waiting to ask me when his money would be in the bank. But it was nice to see him standing there.

Click on the images above if you want to see a larger version.


Brenda Kula said...

Those are spectacular photos! I've never been able to get any nearly that good. Frame some of those.

Nicola said...

Thanks for the kind comment. All I do is point the camera and the sunset does the rest.


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