29 April 2008


Tuesday is Yellow day. Here are a few of the 121 yellow things I took snaps of today. I thought there was not a lot of yellow around our house, I was very wrong. I did discover that yellow is a highlight colour, used in little bits all over the place and also a colour for utility items, there was a lot of yellow out in the garage. Thanks again Leya over at Curious Bird for this cool excuse for me to take more pics. Tomorrow is Orange Wednesday, can't wait to get started.


SWEET MARY said...

Yellow - gorgeous!
The nasturtium has to be my favourite.

Liss said...

the yellow is so vibrant. All your photos look really good stiched together.
Makes me want to join in colour week. Maybe next for me.

Pink Ric Rac said...

Very cool! I think I'm going to try that for orange. I know its sprinkled all over my house!

ariana said...

Great mosaic! I've always loved those Colman's mustard tins.


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