27 April 2008

This is ........... my favourite book

Another excellent choice for the "This is ..." meme this week, thank you to Daisy in lala Land. My favourite book. Now that really started me thinking. The good thing about the "This is ......." meme is that I can't rush into posting. The theme is announced on a Wednesday and I have to wait until Sunday before I can post on the subject. Now if I had rushed into this and posted straight away I would have been struggling to choose between Lord of the Rings and the complete works of Terry Pratchett. I know that the complete works of Terry Pratchett would be a very large book that would take a very large suitcase to carry it in, and that it does not exist yet, but I could not select just one of his books.
But after a lot of thought, the book that I use all the time and I could not do with out is actually my little Be-Ro cookbook. I have two of them, because neither is whole and has chunks missing or obliterated with cake mixture ( I am a very very messy cook). Together I can read just about every recipe. How could I make pancakes, scones or chocolate cake without it. You would think at my age I could remember recipes by now. Unfortunately not. I have now also got the Kiwi equivalent of the Be-Ro book, The Edmunds Cook Book. Another wonderful book full of amazing basic recipes, and the Edmunds book does not stick to baking recipes alone, it covers everything that any good Kiwi would want to cook. And how could you resist a cover like the one shown below. But on trial of the chocolate cake recipies Be-Ro still comes out tops.


JustJess said...

Great to have a cookbook or two as your fave book... I can't choose what mine is yet.

JustJess said...

Thanks for the message - where will I find your email address please? It's not in your profile?



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