07 April 2008

Meet the new boys

To keep poor solitary Caremello company we went in search of a friend for him. And managed to find two. Plus almost a small dog, but Peter dragged me out of the pet shop just in time.
Here is one of the new friends Rolo, after guess what chocolate Rolos.
And the other one, Terry. Short for Terry's Chocloate Orange! This has got to be the last guinea pigs that we get.


Brenda Kula said...

Where there's one guinea pig, usually there are more to follow! I never had them myself, but my husband's children did. And the family grew quite quickly! But they are adorable little creatures.

JustJess said...

How cute! Are they friendly? Can kids cuddle them? Do they bite? My son wants a pet!!

Hazel said...

Hello there little guinea pigs!

I love their cute names :)


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