02 April 2008

And even more of when I was little ........

Here I am with my Guinea Pig, Mr Ed. Do you remember the TV show about the talking horse, I used to love it, so I called my Guinea Pig Mr Ed after Mr Ed the talking horse. Mr Ed was a magic Guinea Pig. One December morning I went to visit him, and he had changed from white to black overnight. I was totally amazed and rushed down the garden to tell my Mum, who informed me that white Guinea Pigs always turned black eventually. It took me until I was 18 and telling some friends the story of the Guinea Pig that changed colour before I realised what had happened. I am sure you don't need me to tell you what the real story was. Mr Ed had died in the night and Mum had replaced him with the only Guinea Pig she could get hold of. Isn't it amazing what we will do as Mum's for our kids, and aren't I the lucky child to have a Mum like that.
Little Miss Houswife again with all my dolls having a tea party, looks like it might have been Teddies first birthday. I think I can spot a candle on a cake over there. Have you noticed that these are the days before lycra was invented. I must have had the most wrinkley tights ever.
Now this is really little me in my christening robe with my Nana and Pop (my greatgranny and greatgrandfather). I have never noticed it before, but I can see my Nana's face echoed in my Grannie's face and my Mum's face. Which tends to imply that maybe there are echo's of her face in me, I hope so. Even though I don't really remember her much, I do know that she was a strong women. There are quite a lot of strong women in the generations of my family. I do remember my Pop, he was a miner and had a really hard life, but I think I can remember him playing and laughing with me. Perhaps that is just wishful thinking, perhaps not. Thank you Mum for sending me these images from my past to make me stop and think.

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