31 January 2008

Today's Daisy #21

Today's lonely little Daizy was left over from my Daizy quilt. As this is my 700th post I thought I would give the daisy away if anyone would like it. I will include a pack of scraps left over from the Daizy quilt also. So if anyone is interested please leave a comment and I will draw a winner next week. Fingers crossed that somebody does leave a comment or I will have to pretent and add some fake ones from myself.


Mum said...

Hi I likedit best wishes for your 700th post Love Mum

retrorose said...

Well since I have only discovered you this week, I will have to leave a comment. 700 posts is a lot. The Daisy is so lovely. Someday soon I will start a quilt of my own but for now I'll keep on fixing up this old one. Thanks for stopping by.

Pam said...

Well done you on the number of posts. I keep contemplating trying my hand at some scrapbooking since I have gotten a bit fed up with the cross-stitching - I will manage to get around to it at some point - maybe keep it for a winter hobby.


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